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    What exactly is your question ??


    Hacked iTunes account or GIft Card ??


    In case of hacked account, do contact iTunes Store support, they will solve it in no time:


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    I too am upset about the format of the questions. A set of three questions and answers would have been far more secure than the result of this having to make up and store the made up answers because there are no answers to some of the questions. As for Internet security this is like building walls of ice cream to keep the ants out.

  • TunesFan Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi there... do you know what phishing is? It's pretty crazy to think that your apple account was "hacked". It's more likey that your computer was logged or that you clicked on some stuff on the interent that insalled logging sofware.


    I work with copmuters and clean them up when people get viruses and stuff, and I can tell you that from experience, these computers are ususally infested with software that collects data and show evedience that a person gave up info without even knowing it. I tell my customers to get new credit cards, change all of thier passwords that they have used on that computer and make sure to set up email prefernces to not allow spam and malicious stuff through because I can pretty much guaruntee that at some point in the next year, all that collected info is used elsewhere.


    No to sound to cold, but whay should apple be responsible for making sure people's computers aren't infested with crazy stuff and that they havent given out thier itunes account info for "a chance to win a new iPad" (which is usally allo over someon'e sfacebook account.....) Don't tell me your child wouldn't click that stupid link while facebooking with thier dumb *** freinds?


    One person thagt brought her computer in was blaming apple for her credit card being used all over the place and her hotmail email be ing taken over bcasue of in apps--- how is that possible?????? Lady, your hotmail account was jacked after you installed some stupid bull crap software on your computer, that logged all of your account information, then it was used all over. Get a life.


    People are idiots and always need someone to balme and can't take responsible for thier own actions. If you have no idea what phishing, logging, malware, spyware ect., is.... then smash your computer to bits and walk away--that would be the responsible thing to do--or go learn about this stuff, that'd be acceptable too.

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    That's a good point but in my case that's not what happened. I hadn't logged into iTunes in probably over a year before my account was hacked and I am in the only one in my household that knows my Apple/iTunes log in information so it wasn't anything my oldest did trying to win a new iPad. I didn't even have iTunes on my computer at the time my account was hacked into. Both my laptop and desktop were whacked and a new install/OS put on both them earlier this year. I also have top on the line Spyware, Anti-virus, and Mal-ware detection on my system...and not your run of the mill good for the average consumer type stuff either.

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    Hi there yourself. Do you know what answering an 18 month old post with no useful information will get you? Not much!


    It appears you read the first message in this thread (106 pages of messages about hacked accounts -- mine too) sent approx 18 months ago and then respond to that post as a typical troll demonstrating both ignorance and arrogance.


    I wish you a better day tomorrow.


    Tim Hollister

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    Apparently you missed the first sentence of that 18 month old post that started this forum topic:


    "I'm posting this just to share my story and get reactions."


    What is so wrong with TunesFan's reaction? I think his post is helpful, relevant and useful. Hindsight is 20/20 vision.


    I would like to hear your experience and your resolution. As an iPhone owner and an avid iTunes user, I think that might be helpful.

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    Troll ;)


    I DID read the 1st post, then a bunch more.


    I thought that maybe everyone needed to take some time and think about the possibility that maybe it's more something with what they are doing.


    How effing likely is it that iTunes is the problem?


    Yup, there's no way that joe blo in Nebraska takes more care of his s.   h.   I.   T.  Than apple. He'd never click on a pop up about singles in his area..... Which then installs a logger as a background task.  Get a life.


    F.     U.  

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    TunesFan wrote:


    He'd never click on a pop up about singles in his area..... Which then installs a logger as a background task.

    Although there have been rumors for years of such malware, none have ever been proven to exist on a Mac. Loggers require physical or remote access over a network to the computer for installation.  Flashback is one that has been said to do this, but only a couple of infected users have reported coincident fraudulent credit card activity so far.

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    Not all iTunes users are using Macs.

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    Many loggers are a result of viruses and worms and Macs are not immune; also, consider MacBooks using the Internet over unsecured public wi-fi....all it takes is for me to be using the same network, use a particular piece of software, watch and record every move some one makes on thier Mac or PC. Then I have all the info I need, depending on what they just did.


    If they went on Facebook, I have it, did some banking. I got that too.


    People need to know that no machine is impervious to attack and anything is possible. If you use wi-fi in a public place make sure it's secure and make sure you require an admin password for anything to be downloaded, uploaded or most importantly, installed.


    Anyway, let's all be realistic.


    Criminals will do whatever it takes to get what they want and in the end, if you aren't savvy enough to protect yourself, find someone who can step in and help you. If not, you're in for a big surprise when your bank account gets drained or you lose control of your own computer.

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    transmogrification wrote:


    Not all iTunes users are using Macs.

    No, but the ones reading/posting in the iTunes for Mac forum are usually dealing with Macs.

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    Help me Please!!!!


    I received an email from apple saying that my apple id and email has been changed !!!!

    I didn't changed it myself !!!

    I can't log in to my account to see what happened to it. I live abroad and couldn't reach apple by phone.

    what should I do?



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    Yes but no matter how safe I make my computer if Apple continues to use the swiss cheese they call servers then they get hacked every time, and I cannot do a thing about it except post here and hope it gets addressed. It is my belief that Steve Jobs had all the admin passwords in his head and when he died he took them with him.

  • TunesFan Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes that makes complete sense. It wouldn't be logical at all to think that apples servers are far more secure than your computer.I'm sure if you google "Apple Hacked" the results will all be about that and nothing else cause search engines are so reliable and full of truth and insight.


    In general, people are lazy and don't enjoy taking excessive risks; people who are looking to rip you off go after you, the easy target, not a superpower like Apple. You are easy, risk free $$ to a pro and that's all that this is about.


    Have fun with never taking responsibility and being too ignorant to admit your weaknesses; hope that all works out for you.  The Internet is the best place to whine and live in denial ;) seems like you'll fit in just fine.

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    Saw that one coming from a mile away.  I'm sure we'll hear from CarloTD pretty soon as well.  Remember.  It's always your fault.  It's always something you did.  You got phished.  You have malware on your computer.  You gave your password to someone else.  Just like what happened to me a year ago.  Oh wait, that's not what happened.  I had an account, I entered a gift card and within a few days my balance was drained.  I scanned my computer, nothing found.  And to this day, without doing anything differently, I haven't been hacked again.  Still no malware, still not falling for phishing schemes, still not clicking on any hey here's free stuff, check me out n00b.  Just like I hadn't done before I was hacked.  But like TunesFan and CarloTD always say, it was my fault.  I still have gift cards that I bought when I loaded the one right before I was hacked.  Wondering if it will happen again after I load the others.  We'll see.


    Oh did I forget to mention that none of my other eleventy-billion accounts got hacked.  Only iTunes.  It's making even more sense that it was something that I did and it was completely my fault.