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    For Apple, Pressure Builds Over App Store Fraud



    The New York Times knows all about it ;-)

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    Don't believe me about the iTunes hack? Just check Twitter




    Twitter knows too :-)

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    Hello, first post here. Same issue, my account was hacked. I happend to checck my email and apple had sent me a purchase confoirmation. I quickly logged in, and discovered someone had changed the billing address and added someone elses credit card, and then purchased Haypi dragon coins and downloaded the app. I quickly contacted apple, canceled my card just to be safe, and changed all of my account info (email, password, etc). I understand this happens, but here is my concern; I have only made purchases from iTunes via my non-jailbroken iPhone. I am a PC user (nothing against macs) and both my computers came up clean (spybot, superanti malware, malwarebytes, avast all came up clean). No other accounts of mine have been tampered with, just iTunes. I find this odd, since if a keylogger had been placed on one of my computers, surely my bank or paypal information would be much more useful. No one else has access to my account, and I have never replied to any emails or entered the info into a website. I dont use iTunes for anything excpet adding .pdfs files to my phone. I didnt even have it synced or backed up other than when I initially bought my iPhone. Aside from the iOS updates, iTunes sits idle on my computer. This leads me to beleive something is wrong on apples end. My password was not even a word in a dictionary, nor was it just letters. I have never had issues with an account being hacked or comprimiesd other than World of Warcraft years ago (which was linked to another email address and a completely different password). This whole ordeal just leaves me worried. I have since reformatted all my computers, beefed up my wireless security, and complely restored my iPhone. I just wanted to add my experience to this thread. Hopefully apple will step up to this and provided some anwsers to all these "isolated incidents." And yes, I contacted apple support, and was told the credit card that was charged would be reimbursed. Some anwsers sure would be nice though.

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    So you have resorted to bombing this forum with links rather than a rational adult discussion? Has your iTunes account been hacked or are you just ranting?

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    I wrote this to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau             


    In researching my own problems with Apple iTunes, I found stories where prepaid iTunes gift cards were being hacked.  So you can buy a card and not use it for a few weeks and people are finding out that the balances are gone, even before they use it.  Apple puts a fine print on their website saying they are not responsible for losses.  However, if there is a trend where a company knowingly sees data on all of these abuses, shouldn't they be required to disclose these dangers.  If iTunes gift cards have no value, what are consumers buying?  I find it a bit fraudulent to sell financial cards which have known problems.  Its no different then buying a car without seat belts.  When consumers buy a $50 iTunes card in a grocery store, they do not know they are buying something that could be completely worthless in days.  There aren't any laws on disclosure of this risky purchase.  Is it really a fair purchase of goods and services when its not even guaranteed to be worth its face value by the company issuing it.

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    To the iTunes Payment Team:


    "Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."


    Steve Jobs

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    sinatrix, one does not need your idle computer to access your iTunes account. Your iTunes account can be accessed from the iTunes store as well as the App Store and iBooks on your iPhone. One of my concerns for any smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity, is the ability to connect to any open Wi-Fi hotspot. I am not doubting your mindfulness, though one can never remind people about Internet security and the dangers of leaving Wi-Fi turned on and set to auto connect to available hotspots.


    Have you contacted Apple about your iTunes account?



    You can always schedule a visit with your nearest Apple store in person for more assistance with your Apple product or service.

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    I got this in the mail today from my credit card company:


    "Based on the facts of our investigation, we do not find that an error has occurred.  Therefore, no funds will be credited to your account as a result of this claims at this time your claim has been closed"


    Apple was more than happy to pocket the two fradulent purchases occured with my card and of course their royalty fee as an accomplice to theft.   I filed a complain today with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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    You should look this video. You might find assistance here (ok... not really... but it is a funny video).

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    I am aware one does not need to access it though my computer, and the app store is the only thing I have made purchases through my phone. Yes I contacted apple that night. When I finally heard back from them I had already reset everything, and they stated they would refund the money. Funny thing, i had already changed my apple id email address, and the iTunes rep was kind enough to reset my account back to the original email address ...I quickly changed it back (in my first email to apple support I informed them of the actions I had already taken on my account and that my main concern was not being held liable for the charges). I do understand the security risks with the IPhone over unsecured wifi, and this is the only thing I guess it could be, even though I have it set to ask me to join unknown networks and I cant think of any recent use of the app store on my phone over unsecured wifi or hotspots. This issue has been on my mind since last week. Overall I guess I am lucky, since my money wasnt taken, but I sure as heck hope I dont hear from whoevers card was used. I have read through this whole thread, and searched the web for similar incidents. It just seems to me there is something fishy about this whole situation. I do not fully put the blame on apple, and in all reality I have been extremley pleased with my iPhone until now. It just worries me that with all the precations I take (some including my SO would say reaches a level of paranoia lol) that all of a sudden the one account I use at most once or twice a week gets hacked. I am just thankful I happend to check my email before I went to bed that night. It just seems that with all the complaints and known issues with account theft apple would have more responses or advice than saying they are sorry this happened. Hopefully this all gets figured out, but until then apple wont be getting any of my CC or Paypal info (ill gladly purchase a gift card if I absolutly need an app, even though it seems those are not always secure either).

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    Banks and credit card companies can be tough cookies, since they are looking out for their money and not always their customer. As a victim of credit card theft and phone number theft, I know first hand how hard one has to fight to reclaim identity and innocent status. Credit card companies don't always just take your word face value that your card has been compromised or that you are a victim. A simple investigation usually always comes out in their favor. Their response? Pay your bills. With my long distance phone company, my long distance calling card account number was stolen and thousands of dollars calls were billed to my account, even after I canceled the card and had a new card issued. It took months to resolve and numerous investigations and one consistant account investegator to handle my case. Fortunately with iTunes account information one isn't required to keep a credit card on file. It just means having to enter a credit card everytime a purchase is made with iTunes.

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    I constantly remind my friends with any smartphone that just connecting to any open W-Fi network is a bad security nightmare just waiting to happen. There are people who sit around coffee shops packet sniffing just looking for credit cards to scam and anything can be a target and are. Mobile devices make it so easy connect for convenience at the moment. That will not change and the world is becoming more and more mobile.

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    I'm having the exact same problem that you have described.  Somebody got into my account (password is random letters, capital letters, and numbers) and used all of my itunes bank on some game called Haypi Dragon!  When they drained that, they input their own credit card information to finish off their final purchase.  I tried to download an app last night when it told me to change my password.  Oddly enough the other person's credit card is still in my account along with their city, state, and zip code.  I hope Apple will do something to help, but what information I've found of similar cases depicts Apple simply giving their customer the middle finger.  Oh well.  I hope you recieved help.

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    Yep, same exact thing happen to me with $100 for Haypi Dragon points.  Emailed Apple and they took care of it but I am not trusting Apple with my Credit Card information anytime soon.  The credit card information along with name and address was changed.

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    My problem started when I purchased and installed AppleTV early in 2011.  Since then I have had 6 incidents where anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks after I view a rented movie, an unauthorized charge shows up for a movie rental or in the latest incident a movie was purchased.  This means I had to change my password and credit card info 6 TIMES.  I always get refunded the unauthorized purchases but I believe this is an Apple problem that so far they have not been able to solve.  I'm working with Apple on this latest incident.