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  • transmogrification Level 1 (5 points)

    This forum is not about all sorts of devices. It is about Mac OS iTunes store accounts being hacked. As vague as that may seem it is not about all sorts of devices. One thematic link is that every post in this forum is on the internet. What's your point? I think you are assuming far too much here to support your agenda.

  • ekcd Level 1 (0 points)

    My agenda was to give apple the online names, real world names, websites addresses, ip addresses and app makers who are currently profiting from using hacked iTunes accounts and stolen credit card numbers to make fraudulent purchases on other peoples iTunes accounts. I have contacted apple on four seperate occasions and although I am repeatedly told apple will contact me back no one ever has. It has been more than 45 days since I originally offered all this information to apple.


    Regardless of how the account info was compromised if apple took this seriously wouldn't someone have gotten back to me by now?

  • transmogrification Level 1 (5 points)

    ekcd, please follow and read the forum thread continuity. I was replying to Paula R. Please pay attention.


    If you would like to contact Apple, there is a link at the bottom of this page:


  • ekcd Level 1 (0 points)

    I did not reference your words directly because I thought you were speaking to me. I did it as a stylistic jump in point sometimes referred to as a segway. On the topic of "please pay attention", I HAVE contacted apple on FOUR occasions and offered them more than enough info to start down the trail of stopping this. They tell me that I will be contacted by someone else and I never am.


    I am not anti apple. I am anti fraud. If apple refuses to take reasonable measures to stop fraud I may become anti apple and in that I doubt I'd be alone.

  • ekcd Level 1 (0 points)

    Segue. Ahahahah. Gotta love autocorrect.

  • transmogrification Level 1 (5 points)

    Right next to the time and date of a post is the "in response to" with the name of person responded to in parentheses. Please learn to read.

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    This is exactly the reason why I don't have a credit card. Why don't we try to use gift cards instead? I never had problems with them..and please let us not condemn Apple/iTunes for this, they will not benefit from this situation anyway. They will lose customer's trust, and it is the last thing they want to happen. Whining and complaining will not help.

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    vik0728, I see you are new to the community but if you have been following the thread, you would have realised that there have been numerous posts about gift cards accounts being hacked. Granted that gift cards would limit your loss but anyone with access to your account can steal from you credit card or otherwise.


    We do not whine, we merely wish to highlight a wide-spread problem that Apple needs to help solve. I'm afraid that customer trust has already been lost to a certain extent.

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    My credit card company called to ask if I had been making a $49 and $99 itunes purchase each day for the last two days.... Ummmm NO. My card was deactivated immediately and I'm awaiting a new one. My credit card company will do an investigation. I mentioned it to my neighbor and she said the EXACT same thing happened to her and our other neighbor several months earlier. I do not store my password on my device. REALLY disappointed with Apple. 

  • TunesFan Level 1 (10 points)

    My nephew did the same thing to me!! They end up being stuff from apps! Coins!!

  • JCanose81 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing happened to me this morning. Five charges from

    APL*APPLE ITUNE866 712 7753 for $20.00


    Quickly called my bank and reported my card/ information stolen.



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    I recently had iTunes charges on my cc that were NOT mine.  My Capital One caught it right away as they were larger than normal.   They cancelled my card, refunded my money and disputed it with iTunes.  I am now locked out of my iTunes account as they have changed all the data...ugh!!  I am hoping Apple will have enough of these and change their system to protect us better. 

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    Someone started messing around with my information, changing the state and zip code for my city to random things, but keeping the street address the same. The address wouldn't make sense at all, but that's not the big thing. Whoever is doing it kept changing my password and would change the credit card values to random numbers that aren't associated with me at all. My order history is clear from the past 18 months, since the last time I used this was back in mid 2009. However, if those random credit cards get charged, that could come onto me. I'm not having this. I've changed the password and e-mail address for my Apple ID. We will see where this goes. Also, I don't like the idea of having to create a new account just to remove payment information. Excellent move, Apple. </obvious sarcasm>

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    I got nabbed today for Fashion Story (i am a dude so why would i download this crap in the first place?) they also downloaded Kingdom of Camelot: North then made an in app purchase for $9.99


    I NEVER gave my password away and heck i never really use itunes at all. I had a $25 card on it for the longest time with about $13 left on it. I only use my ipod to make purchases if i need to so how my password was guessed is beyond me.


    No it wasn't a phising email etc i'm not that stupid to fall for those. First godaddy takes a dump now this, must be my lucky day.


    In any event i contacted Apple since they even state it was downloaded from a machine that was not known yet they let them purchase it? W T F


    Doubt i will get my money back, i already changed my PW and doubt i will use CRAP Tunes again, since i know for a fact I did no leak any info. I run Linux

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    Well add me to the list as well.....was checking my recent bank purchases and what do I discover?  Four charges on Sep 6 and two more on 7 Sep 12.  All from APL*APPLE ITUNE866 712 7753 at $20.00 each ($120 total).  My online iTunes purchase history shows no purchases for over a month.  I suspect my CC # was utilized using someone else's hacked iTunes account.  Upon contact with Apple support (email is the only option....why on earth would I want to actually talk to a human being to sort this out?), they confirmed no purchases were made and urged me to contact the CC issuer to cancel the card and launch an investigation.  Also, they informed me that "under the circumstances the iTunes store cannot reverse the charges for the purchases without chargeback orders from the card issuer."  (They never identified any kind of ongoing issue or admitted culpability) My bank promptly deactivated the card and informed me they will perform an investigation and work with Apple to reimburse the funds.  (I got the distinct impression from my bank that this is a pretty common occurrence with Apple.)  I'm confident that my bank and Apple will get this corrected.  However, I too am a bit disappointed with Apple about being less than forthcoming and not more proactive about remedying a known, ongoing issue.