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    No not at all. and after contacting apple support I have confirmed that the transactions were not made on this account. Looks like I will have to contact the CC guys for this one.

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    I never downloaded any songs yet I still get a bill in my balance what the heck

  • MadMacs0 Level 5 (4,700 points)

    Anisahahmed wrote:


    I never downloaded any songs yet I still get a bill in my balance what the heck

    Well, you could spend the rest of the day reading all 119 pages here and still not know or you can contact Apple and your Credit Card company and get it sorted out.

  • 669 Level 1 (20 points)

    to conact apple 1-800-MY-APPLE

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    Just want to say that apple was amazing for me. I noticed 2 charges on my online banking statement for over 40 dollars stating that they were iTunes purchases. I logged on to my iTunes account and it showed no recent purchases. I called apple ( when the recording asks why you are calling, just say fraud). I immediately talked to someone and he said someone would email me back within 24 hours. Well less than 3 hours later I received an email letting me know that they looked into it and have refunded the charges. Amazing service from apple!

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    Your post helped me resolve a similar issue. Thanks!

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    I do not understand why in such case you call apple, if somebody compromissed your bank data because you wasn't sure who used your credit card (maybe son) then you should contact bank to play this fraudulent innocent game.

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    This morning my bank told me about a charge for $838 for a flight in the netherlands.  Purchased there. I am in boston, ma.  The only place my credit card number is linked (the one specific card ONLY used on itunes, was hacked.   iTunes does not care. They did nothing to help me and did nothing to fix the situation and this keeps happening to people. so now, i will just use limewire, and get all of my music there. 

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    People think about it!! I've had issues with my iPhone being hacked but never thought it could be through iTunes.. I've had instances when someone was on the same line listening to my convo with my boyfriend and when I hung up my boyfriend heard a man say something and my phone call was ended already but my bf heard the guy as if he has my phone synced.. Also I know my pictures and texts are being accessed and changed. I'm starting to get really ****** off cuz APPLE HAS TO BE THE HACKER!!! THINK ABOUT IT?? The SAME MARYLAND ADDRESS TO ALL OF U?? And APPLE SAYS ITS A ONE TIME REFUND!!! Right there tells you that if u get hacked again they will not refund!! APPLE IS DOING THIS FOR MONEY!!! OR SOME PIECE OF **** WORKING FOR THEM AND I HOPE THE SCUMBAG GETS ARRESTED FOR INVASION OF PRIVACY, THEFT, IDENTITY THEFT, AND BEING A STRAIGHT UP PERVERT.. If the person can access your iTunes... Hmmmm what else can they see? Think about it???

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    Apple does not care where you log in to the App Store, whether it is some shady wifi hotspot in the dark back ally or your favorite coffee shop. Insecure hotspots are everywhere. Yet many don't seem to care. When their identity is stolen, they blame Apple. It's credit card fraud. Apple doesn't bare the responsibility for managing anyone's credit card balance. Yet people are so quick to deny responsibility. Good luck.

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    transmo:  You should read all the posts.  Not all involve credit cards.  My account was "hacked".  I don't share my apple id or password.  Ever.  I don't log into iTunes from "shady wifi hotspot in the dark back alley".  In my case I went to bed one night and all was well.  The next morning, over $125 in gift card credit was missing after someone purchased and downloaded a game, then spent down my credit on in app purchases of game credits, tokens, whatever. 

    I don't access my iTunes account on the road, only at home on my iMac which is wired, not wireless.  I use an AEBS and have firewalls active on all my home computers.  I don't make in app purchases using my iPhone (which had a security flaw that apple hopefully corrected with ios6). 

    Once again, in my case, no charges on my credit card, only theft of gift card credit balances which I believe is the bulk of the thefts reported in the various forum messages on this topic. I can't speak to the posters who had credit card charges, but I think the earlier rash of credit balance thefts can be laid at Apple's feet, whether its a security flaw associated with the iTunes servers, or theft of gift card serial numbers at the point of manufacture (or from the Chinese manufacturer's database) doesn't matter. 

    Yes, some people do look to blame others for their lack of personal data security.  But, and this is just as bad, some blindly rush to Apple's defense and essentially foist any blame for thefts on the users either without considering the entirety of the issue, or simply ignoring the incovenient facts as presented by the victims. 

    Federal law protects credit card theft, limiting losses to $50 per incident provided timely reporting to the bank.  Most banks, credit card issuers waive the $50 and make victims whole.  Apple, for the most part, is restoring stolen credits from gift cards, even though legally it is under no obligation to do so, although it would be a PR nightmare if it didn't.  For those with unauthorized credit card charges, by all means notify Apple, but in those cases, Apple is correct in referring victims to their bank/credit card issuer to dispute the charges and obtain restitution. 

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    Cagrimes, if you read all the posts you would see quite a few helpful posts by me and others guiding people with appropriate methods for contacting Apple for a resolution. Apple doesn't read these forums. They are user to user forums.


    Also, if you look at the header for my post you responded to, you will clearly see that I was not responding in general to this room, but to a poster named "spirit lab".


    I hope this helps you.

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    So sick of this now. I deliberately haven't bought anything from itunes because of this issue. I thought OK, it's been a while, my password has been reset let's give it a go again. So I bought a couple of albums and apps. Everything seemed fine but less than a week later and someone has hacked the account again.


    As on previous occasions, i only I ever use my ipad to buy anything. Never a PC or even my mac. This password was only ever used once to buy those items. So perhaps Apple might like to explain how a complex password, used once on an ipad can allow someone to hack into my account yet again.

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    Considering it's more than likely Apple's lack of security that allowed someone to hack your account, I wouldn't be so quick to congratulate them on their service.

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    I got hacked $300.00 one week, and the next week $200.00. Then I got a gift card, and I only spent $7.00, and the next time I tried to get something, I only had $8.13 left