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  • whooosh12 Level 1 (0 points)

    I went to download an app on my ipad today and I was asked to confirm my CDC credit card details because of an address change. I then realised that someone had gained access to my apple ID and changed both the address and the telephone number on my account. Fortunately nobody seems to have made any successful purchases.


    I am a network support engineer and spend my life preaching to people about the importance of password security and looking out for phising emails. I am completely stumped as to how they were able to access my account. I had a completely unique password which was alpha numeric and gibberish.


    I never access my apple ID from PC's and only from my iphone, ipad or macbook pro. I did run a virus check on the off-chance there was some kind of trojan (that I'd not come across) on my macbook pro and it has come back clean.


    I've not had any phising emails or anything that would make me enter my apple id after clicking on a link. How are they gaining access to people's apple id's? This is pretty scary. They could have remote wiped my ipad & iphone and would have access to location information as well as my calendar and contaacts.


    If I had clicked on some sort of link or used a dodgy computer in an internet cafe I would be less worried, because I'd know how it happened. As far as I am aware it could happen again.


    I spoke with Apple Account Security and the guy was very 'offish. He said I must have given someone my password and when I pressed him for information on when the address had been changed, or whether they had access to the ip of the computer that did it he said "I don't see where you are going with this..."

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    I can now be added to this. Some **creature** somehow got a hold of my debit card (it isn't on file with Itunes) and went and spent some $$$$ on, from what I see, apps. I noticed the transactions on my bank statement. No other weird or unauthorized transactions, just those from the Apple Itunes Store.


    I emailed Apple to tell them and I actually got a reply. They asked for the amounts that were deducted from my account and then said they would refund it back to me. Funny thing was that apparently my Itunes account was not touched, they just somehow got my card details and went from there using another account(?).


    Since then they have disabled any Apple account my card has been linked with and have put a hold on the card that was used. Mind you, I have not EVER used my card in the Itunes store. Once and only once did i use it when I had to purchase a software upgrade from the online store.


    Unfortunately, my inital gut feeling was there is something going on internally, if you catch my drift. But I do not want to point the finger as there are too many dodgy people using the internet for this stuff.


    I wasn't too worried about the money, it was probably a small amount compared to some on here, I still want it back of course, but i am a bit concerned about how much of my details they have accessed; name, address, etc. I have told my bank and they have closed the card that was used and the associated account to it and set up a new one.


    Forgive my ignorance, (I have never had this happen to me before), is this supposed to be reported to the Police? Because from what I have read online and how many times this has happened, it doesn't look like it has/would do much. I guess for personal identity concerns it would/could be reported?

    I did go into the police station today and ask somebody who was working there about it. She said because of the small amount it would only be minor and not to worry too much about it. Unfortunately, she was not a member of the police, just a volunteer working the front desk, so I am not sure if I should go by her word or not.


    What have you guys/girls done?

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    Bought an iPad a few weeks ago and just got it set up with wireless router. Meanwhile got a $54 charge on my cc account for iTunes charges.....I have not called because I have been unable to find a phone number for iTunes account support. Any one know it? Thanks.

  • MadMacs0 Level 5 (4,722 points)

    I don't believe there is a published number. You need to go to and follow the path to the iTunes Store.

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    Same thing happened to me someone changed my iTunes ID pass and even security answers ! He changed everything ! Apple won't reply this week cause there are off on holiday season ! I don't know what to do ! :/ I redeemed a 15$ iTunes GC to the account and bought apps ! I wake up in the morning with no apps in the account !

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    I'm sorry. I don't know what you could do right now. It's such horrible timing too because nothing can be done as it's the Christmas period for most of us. Get on the phone to them a.s.a.p. though. It looks as though this is nothing new to them.


    This really is starting to annoy me. This system is beginning to look more and more flawed everyday.

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    9KayEn9 wrote:


    Get on the phone to them a.s.a.p. though.

    If there is a phone number that allows a discussion of this topic, then it would be news to most all of us. The only way we've found to get to the right folks is via the ExpressLane link I posted above.

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    Have you contacted Apple? It appears others have found resolution by doing so.


    At the bottom right corner of every webpage here there is a "Contact Us" link. Easy and simple. You can also try this link as also suggested here in our user to user discussion help forum by MadMacs0:



    Good luck and I hope this helps you.


    May God bless you this Christmas season.

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    Hmmm. Unfortunate. I'm guessing i live in a different country to you. I have called a customer service line before and have also been given a number to call by somebody who works there to discuss this. I only emailed as i knew it was the xmas break, and thought it would be nice to have a "solution" in email rather than me trying to remember everything that was said. I guess i was lucky that my email was responded to so quickly.

  • transmogrification Level 1 (5 points)

    I always seem to have quick timely email response from Apple. I don't consider that lucky, just ordinary.

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    Nice for you then :) I'm sure i've read on this forum that some haven't had this pleasure.

    But i actually meant that i guess i was lucky that they replied quickly because of it being Christmas. I'm not sure what Apple/Itunes operating hours are over the break. I am not a regular user of Apple. That's all.

    As for you always receiving your timely responses, I should only hope and/or expect that they would be replying to people's queries quickly. But i am not here to debate emails, phone numbers and their promptness with anybody. I'll save for others.

  • transmogrification Level 1 (5 points)

    You brought it up. Have a joyous and happy holiday. Peace.

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    I have been reading all these posts and I am sick to my stomach because it is happening to me too! And., of course I can't talk to anyone on the phone!! I have had two "chats" with Apple support online and am even more frustrated now.

    Today in the chat I told the agent/chat person that I was charged $49.99 on 12/18 and that I did not make that purchase??? It is showing on my bank account activity clearly as the Itunes store. He said he didn't have any record of that purchase??? How can that be???

    I suppose I now have to go to the bank and try to solve the problem there. I'm not happy after ready what is happening to everyone here in this discussion. Clearly there is some "hacking" going on and I think Apple chat person should have made me aware of the huge problem that is going on with Itunes store accounts being hacked/compromised...

    Apple is the WORST customer service I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with to try and correct a problem!

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    upset01 wrote:


    Today in the chat I told the agent/chat person that I was charged $49.99 on 12/18 and that I did not make that purchase??? It is showing on my bank account activity clearly as the Itunes store. He said he didn't have any record of that purchase??? How can that be???

    Just a guess, but I suspect they used your credit care in somebody else's account, which is why they don't see a purchase and you won't find anything in your account about it.


    They told me they could not release any information about how my credit card was used (my name? wife's name? another name?) nor what was purchased without a court order.

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    On christmas day of all days, I found out that iTunes has charged 646.70 on my bank account.  And whats so crazy, you try to contact them and no one ever answers the phone or unanswered emails.  So I did the best thing that I know and thats contact my bank and report fraudulent activity on my account from itunes.  I will never ever ever put my personal bank information on that site again.  That its not only me, but a bunch of us having issues with this nonsense.  Call your bank, they will remburse your money right away.  Mines did.  iTunes is a joke and to think I have **** near all their products.  SMH