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    In my case monthsago, Apple/Itunes refused to aknolledge any fault toward lack of securety after I had proof my account was hacked, even though I was one of hundreds posting here with same issue, they told it had nothing to do with apple Itunes account, since then I buy gift cards to credit my account with, was extrememly disapointed with apple. how ever! my bank called me brought to my attention someone in africa drew money from my account, small amount first then went for 1000s, which wasnt in there, I was refunded by my bank 400$.... I am still cone4cted to this post from that time... and notice it comes in waves. 3 things I do... extremely cautious of what I purchase, Hacks can attatch themselves to aps, 2. check how many computers are registered to use account. 3. check my personal details are correct. NEVER ASSOCIATE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO ACCOUNT.

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    Burned and Learned

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    It is the last five that I have been adding to with info about banks, redeeming cards and removing any payment method in iTunes.

    So, bank cards cancelled, account configured with no card details, I guess you have changed the password to something completely different and there are a few final things to do.


    1. You need to buy a redemption card and enter the code to credit your account to buy music, apps, etc.

    2. You need to keep an eye on bank/card statements for unusual transactions (should be OK with new card though).

    3. Be aware of any phone calls (if number was on your iTunes account) and mail (fraudulent card applications, mobile phone contracts, etc).  The moment something sounds/looks suspicious you deal with it as fit (hang up of get what you have been signed up to cancelled.


    This is nothing to worry about, apple/banks deal with it more and more but it isn't an overnight fix for each case.  For instance my first experience I am sure was a dodgy bank employee but cannot prove it and I know many work colleague that have been victims too.


    Relax, just identify what needs checking and tick each one off as you go.





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    njb72, bashing Apple helps anyone here how?

    njb72 wrote:



    I've only just reached page 25 of the posts - it's going to take me some time to get to the end. I can't believe how often this sort of thing is happening and nothing is being done about it nor are any explanations given. Shocking! Nicci


    I beg to differ. It is subjective to think that every post in this thread is a direct case of iTunes accounts getting hacked. Not every post is. Stiring the pot to create hysteria does little to nothing to solve real people's problems. Saying something is so doesn't make it so. Not every post here in this thread is necessarily common at all. There are plenty of explanations, not one common at all, because there are just far too many variables involved. There are a million ways a computer can be compromised online. There are a million ways a credit card can get hacked. Apple is not a bank, nor is Apple responsible in the end for the way people connect to the internet. It is up to users to make sure their internet connections and computers are secure. Don't blame Apple for the open Wi-Fi network down the street or the nice looking grandma who packet sniffs your computer at the coffee shop. Apple isn't responsible for all the **** sites visited or all the just plain stupid things people do online.


    Shocking, Nicci, totally shocking.


    I hope you resolve your issue, though please don't marginalize those here who are trying to help and then state that Apple doesn't care. Remember, this is a user to user forum. Users helping users.

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    la la la la la la la la la <fingers in ears> la la la la la la la la la

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    Many thanks, Mark - you have been very helpful and I appreciate that

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    Definitely burned :/ I see from many posts on here that gift cards are not safe either (only got as far as page 25 out of 124 pages of posts about this!). So if I ever do choose do use iTunes again I will buy the minimum gift card required for my purchase. I will never put my card details through iTunes again...

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    Hi NJB72,

    I know your exact problem as I suffered this fate the first time I tried. The problem is that you have accessed the USA site, so it's trying to call your number thinking it's in the USA so it's not working. What you need to do is go to , you should then see a small icon on the page which gives your location. If it says USA, click on it and change it to UK. When I tried it automatically came up as UK when doing it this way, then in the top tab 'All Products & Services', click on iTunes on the right, then iTunes store, then Purchases, Billing and Redemption, then select Apple Account ID Billing, then Continue. There should then be a selection to schedule a call, but this takes days, but if you do this late afternoon UK time, there is an option here to get them to call back immediately, just as you had when on the USA site. I've just looked and this option isn't there at the moment, but when I tried this at approx 5pm 2 days ago, that was an option. I'm assuming this is because it's now in the middle of the night in the US now. Good luck with this later on.

    When I spoke to them 2 days ago, they credited all 4 of the fraudulent charges (they told me that there was chinese text on the original fraudulent bookings, so they thought that they must have come from China. Get them to check that on yours too.

    Fingers crossed.

    I have now taken the option not to have any credit card set on the account. For some reason my account also thinks I'm based in USA, so I'm trying to alter this. This has only come about since my account was hacked.

    Let me know how you get on! :-)

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    I did wonder if it was that but as the online form I completed asked me to specify my country when creating a case, I stupidly assumed that they would actually view that data and see I was in the UK! Hmmmmmmm :/


    Anyway thanks for your reply. Very helpful. I was out this evening and am out tomorrow evening so the first time I will be around/at home to make the call at 5pm will be Friday, so I shall follow your instructions and do it then. I'll keep you posted Nicci

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    I also recievend an email that there has been a modification on my account, download of a game Kingdoms, I have not downloaded this. I have changed my password and removed the creditcard option. How is it possible that someone else can change my account?

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    Hi Geritz. I don't know how this is happening. I have just spoken to Apple and they tell me it is from phishing emails - emails that look like they are from Apple asking us to enter our ID and password. Then the hackers have our Apple ID and password, are going into the account and doing whatever they do I honestly cannot ever recall receiving such an email. I am really careful about these things and have Kaspersky also on my laptop. It's very worrying.


    I'm not going to store any card details on there in future.


    The Apple guy suggested I change my password every six months.


    I don't think anything was taken from my card. It seems they entered someone elses card details (stolen, I assume) and used my identity to make their fraudulent purchase. Apple said whoever's card was fraudulently used has now been refunded so that's a relief as I don't want to be done for fraud! I cancelled all my cards in any case just to be on the safe side.


    It has been a total stress for me but I think it's sorted for now.


    Did they make a purchase from your card details - or enter new card details on to your account? Anyway, I'm sorry to hear there has been another victim. Hope you get it sorted. Nicci

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    Simply put, trawling through user names and password options can lead to logging into an itunes account. 


    Once into the account, things can be purchased/changed plus the Card Details can then be used elsewhere.


    I would cancel the card you used in iTunes and also check for extra debits that YOU did not make from that card/account.





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    Hi Smaxbeast. Thanks again for your help with this. I managed to speak with Apple tonight - following your very helpful instructions. See my post above for their comments on the matter (they say it is down to phishing emails?). It was so lovely to speak to a human being that spoke fluent English


    Apparently, my card details although removed were not able to be taken and used elsewhere by the hackers. They would've only been able to see the last four digits of my card. So they could have made lots of purchases within iTunes on my card and did not which is strange. But entered in someone elses card and made purchases with that. They have refunded the card used in any case so I won't be accused of fraud. Hurrah!


    So I'm a happy bunny again now and will continue my love-hate relationship with modern technology for the time being!


    I hope I don't have to post here again with another attack in the future - fingers crossed - for me and for everyone. Best wishes, Nicci

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    I actually didn't get charge anything probably cause I didn't put any credit card info in the account... they have changed the phone # on my account to:




    & the address was changed to:


    92 SW 3rd St



    Florida 33130-2998

    United States


    I swear I feel like going do to Miami & F*** Up whoever answers at this address!!! Punk A** Hackers!!


    I was quick enough to see the email that Apple sent me saying my billing/shipping address was changed @ 4:57am today (I was sleeping) so I went in my account & changed my password right away then my address & phone #...


    I sincerely hope Apple will see this message & report it to the appropriate authorities so they can investigate the address...

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    Two purchases made without me knowing , one for 63 dollars, one 37. 100 in total. these purchases were not made by me and dont show up on my itunes meaning someone is hacking me.