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  • Brad Schurman Level 1 (135 points)

    Me, ignorant? Speaking from experience? Again, FAIL.

    Try again, better yet spare us all and DONT. Otherwise stick with 'relevant' information; keeping in mind hackers seem to be freely making modified account access, information, sometimes account names, sometimes removed CC info after abusing it. They have worked the system and know how to maximize damage, deflect 'solutions' and cover tracks for the most part.

    Lots of the hacker-altered situations mentioned above, victims are virtually powerless until Apple takes action to deauthorize, eradicate or reset the account no matter what the victim tries.


    He didnt SAY EXPLICITLY he had more than one machine authorized did he? Read his post again.

    If he has only ONE machine shown as authorized, there is only ONE reason the following MIGHT not work:


    To deauthorize a computer

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Choose Store > Deauthorize Computer (In earlier versions of iTunes, access this option from the Advanced menu).
    3. Select "Deauthorize Computer for Apple Account" and enter your Apple ID and password.



    ...Yes, the normal single machine deauthorization step for a single authorization.


    If he cant access the single authorization to deactivate? Hacker altered something to prevent that. WAITING FOR APPLE TO ACT is the fastest and most efficient way than driving around a city dragging four other friends' machines into someone elses problem. That does NOT save time unless those other 4 units are side by side in an office. Especially if the hacker altered his account to the state he cannot even deauthorize one... there would be no way for him to 'fake authorize' four of his friends' units then, would he?


    If more than one account and even that doesnt work? Why not? What if other authorized machines 2 to 5 are in some unknown country, NOOB? Unless lusid manages to hunt down the squatter and deauthorize those machines on location, lusid is hooped, and they will remain AUTHORIZED in SPITE of your pretend 'solution'.   Victim-deauthorizations have been failing because of this tactic already; Apple-originated deauthorizations seem to not fail.

    Relying on a backdoor "can only use once a year" approach is flimsy at best.

    Again, this is all dependant on whether Apple's faulty accounting allowed a hacker to alter any personal access, security, and location information or not... where upon it totally falls back into Apple's lap to deauthorize, shut down or 'reboot' the account. As it seems the majority of accounts are getting this kind of hacker treatment, unfortunately the quickest way DOES rely solely on Apple: the company that steadfastly still maintains it was my fault, even after resolution. Ugh.


    Authorize using the correct account name

    The items you are trying to play might have been purchased using a different iTunes Store account.

    Hard to do for those who have had subtle changes made on them by hacker isnt it? Like the inclusion middle initial one guy didnt actually have that suddenly showed up in profile that stymied his normal security log in? Even some support docs dont cover hacker tactics, so this wont work ALL the time.


    I have no problem at all quoting actual support docs Apple has to certify and stand behind as being 'support solutions'. You should try that sometime.

    "Some phone/email help guy told me" doesnt fly any farther than I can spit as far as Im concerned. Its still Apple's problem and none of their support docs suggest we have to take such time-wasting, ridiculous efforts jumping through hoops to merely deauthorize a computer. That is YOUR support pal's suggestion only, not an authorized, routine Apple 'time and effort saving trick for deauthorizing a (hacked) computer/account", and it is supposed to be used only for those with 5 machines authorized.

    If you were trying to 'skin a cat' a different way, perhaps omitting your cut/paste words "trick", "simple", 'save time' and putting a personal CAVEAT would be something to keep in mind next time. India Apple Support proved themselves wrong more than enough times for my liking, and with this post so have you.

    The fact STILL remains there undeniably is a hacking problem at Apple (who is totally denying it), where the response is not much more than reading off an ineffective script in response; they may or may not be 'winning the hacker war' that they are stubbornly refusing to admit even exists (how Area 51 of them); and the onus/blame seems to almost always be foisted onto the victims/clients.

    This is absolutely poor business practice. Apple used to have a track record of great response and success overcoming all manner of problems from overheating batteries to failed iMac screens, but this problem seems to grow the more they deny it exists.

    I also expect MUCH MUCH more from them in solutions and guidance, NOT unfounded accusations of failure on my part. And by all means it shouldnt matter if I have been running Macs since 1989 or if someone else bought their first last week, all clients should have been given more respect than what has been shown in the thousands of reported cases mentioned this year.

    Livid does not begin to describe my frustration with witch doctor procedures or Apple failure.

  • jennyfromconneaut lake Level 1 (0 points)

    same thing happened to me from kingdomConquest. was charged $46.63 and now $3.17

  • thebytedoc Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a question for anyone reading this...has anyone been hacked by this twice? If so what was Apples response?  Also, has anyone that has requested a refund been denied?

      In answer to my own question, I have only been hacked once and was given a full refund, of course with the caveat that it was a 'one time deal'.

      Appreciate the feed back and sincerely hope Apple gets a clue on this one, I am extremely disappointed with them. They almost had me ready to get a Mac (after 30 years solidly in the PC/Microsoft space!).

  • Mellikins Level 1 (0 points)

    im currently living in new zealand and the same thing has happened to me, Kingdom conquest has effectively 'stolen' $54.99 worth of itunes dollars off of my account.. how do i get my money back??

  • melissafromoak forest Level 1 (0 points)

    I got a response yesterday from iTunes support letting me know that I will be reimbursed fully and that my account had been deactivated and I have to reactivate it by giving them some information. I did so and my account was reactivated later that same day. iTunes support requested that I change my password to prevent future problems, which I fail to see how helpful that would be since I never did anything in the first place for the hackers to get my password information, so the password isnt be the problem. To prevent a future problems I will NOT add my credit card information to my account and I will use my iTunes gift card as soon as I redeem it inorder to insure a hacker does not spend it first.


    Good luck to those still trying to navigate iTunes support I hope you get your refund!

  • kastr01 Level 1 (0 points)

    Exact same thing happened to me!!!!!!! What did you do land up doing?

  • kaitlin_from_earth Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me to the list $35 stolen by kingdomconquest no response from apple beyond the we got your complaint automatic email.

  • brennokbob Level 1 (0 points)

    Just got wiped out by Kamagames for some in app chip purchases for poker which I don't even play. It says I bought them last night which is amazing since I have never launched one of their apps.


    The only thing I did differently yesterday on my iPad was to update all apps from the iPad rather than the PC. It did prompt me for my password, but I just assumed this was normal since I usually update from my PC. Maybe this is how they are doing it?

  • cmb13 Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me fellows.  Just lost $59 to "GAMEISLIVE".  I don't even have any of their apps.  Awaiting a response from Apple.  It's been 3 days.  I already changed my passoword.


    It's then newest trend in stealing!  I never use a credit card for itunes anymore, only a gift card, but they were wiped out within a day of entering the codes.

  • Jake74030 Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me too. I was charged $60.95 from a silly game named KingdomConquest, and a in-app purchase of $35.00 of chips for "Kamagames". Apple's response was useless, due that I have 1 week (and counting) since my report.

    And, for so, my CC info was deleted, city changed to Towson, MD, secret answer changed. I have changed my password, but still, is not helpful, and, now, I need to pay almost $100 by something odd! How they can do it!

  • lorifromharrisburg Level 1 (0 points)

    Got hit yesterday..wiped out a remaining of a $25 gift card.  I removed credit card from account but beware, I actually had a heads up text at 4:11 pm ET from my Yahoo email associated with Itunes account that someone tried to retrieve my password using a secret question.  I changed everything on that account, then early this morning daughter informed me there wasn't any money left on the account.  When I checkd, it was all over the map, downloads at 4:09 ET - Simpsons to disco. 


    Just sent Apple request for refund today.  Waiting to see what happens.  Of course all passwords, notifications have been changed but you might want to think about the email account affiliated with Itunes as well and updating that, just in case. 


    I was checking how to de-authorize pc's since I only have 4 and will try links above for safey.  I think I know which pc's they are, crashed, one literally smashed,  and daughter's pc she used until it ran out of memory,  but I need to get every one off except for mine.


    I do not have an Ipad, but a slightly creeped out that someone also tried to hack email account.

  • zerg1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    They do prompt you for a password when you update your apps via ipod... although I think maybe that's also how the hackers are getting that information.  Can add me to this list though.  I was updating some apps on Sunday night and find today that my account has been drained for KingdomConquest points.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)

    zerg1234 wrote:


    They do prompt you for a password when you update your apps via ipod... although I think maybe that's also how the hackers are getting that information.

    It will only ask for a password if you have apps you have already purchased, on the iPod/iPad, so they would already have to have a copy of the purchased app from your account.

  • connorfromtucson Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same exact problem as everyone in this thread. I had about $30 in iTunes credit from gift cards, and on May 29, $28.76 of it was spent on KingdomConquest in-app purchases. I attempted calling technical support, but I was basically ignored as, according to the man I spoke with, the entire iTunes support team can only be reached online, and NEVER by phone. If this is true, which I hope it isn't, that means that we have absolutely no power over whether our claims are actually read and dealt with. I'm getting incredibly ticked off at this powerlessness over the people hacking my account and stealing my money. I've never liked Apple, but they're just giving me more reasons to hate them now.

  • carboncanyon Level 1 (15 points)

    This problem has been going on for 4 years, from what I've found. I wonder what it's going to take for Apple to put some decent security in.


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