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  • henrique1605us Level 1 Level 1

    Add another one to the list. My account was accessed without my knowledge today and someone bought a bunch of in-app purchases in Chinese apps, and, of course, the infamous Kingdom Conquest was purchased as well. Thankfully, I had no credit card information stored on my account, but I had around $30 in balance from gift cards. This is all gone now, I have only less than a dollar left to use. I've contacted Apple and I'm still waiting for a response. However, seeing here that more people have been having issues like mine (and with Kingdom Quest) I find it very obvious that there is something wrong. I've also noticed that there are 0 computers authorized with my account, and I was pretty sure that before all this there were about 4 computers authorized to play iTunes protected content. Weird.


    Wish Apple can solve this, because we are more and more dependant on iTunes everyday, and with iCloud coming soon we'll have more and more personal info with them.

  • TBF99 Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list. Someone deleted my CC info from the account. (and yes this was shortly after a $50 gift card had been added) Then spent the remaining cash on my gift card on 2 free and 2 in app purchases to some GAMELIVE chinese app for $27.   I have emailed apple and changed my info.


    My question to people here is this.


    Has anyone seen any unauthorized charges to a credit card?  Because if so I will be calling Mastercard tomorrow and ordering a new card.

  • mamabear slc Level 1 Level 1

    @TBF99  My account was hacked today using a credit card.  How does such a thing happen?

  • TBF99 Level 1 Level 1

    @mamabear slc.  Are you saying that someone used YOUR credit card when they hacked into your account? or that someone hacked your account and used their own? 


    If they used YOUR credit card then it would seem that someone hacked into your itunes account and used your existing account information to make purchases. 


    The majority of us here seem to be having a problem when using gift cards though.  I had a credit card attached to my account but I was given a Gift Card for Fathers Day.  So after I used the gift card is when someone hijacked the account... DELETED my existing CC info (which thus far has no unauthorized charges) and then proceeded to use up my gift card.  

  • mamabear slc Level 1 Level 1

    @TBF99  -- They must have hacked into the itunes account and used my existing account information.  I realized it after I got a receipt in my e-mail for apps that I had not purchased.  I called my credit card company and cancelled my credit card.   I am extremely irritated that this could happen. 

  • jmattwills Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list also.  I got hit for around $110 for Imobsters and World War Apps  through PayPal.    Filed Complaint with PayPal and sent a Email to Apple.  I changed my Passwords and deleted my Payment info from Itunes to stop them. 

  • edawgfromMD Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like a glut of hacks. Two days ago I got word that my iTunes account credit card information had been changed. Imagine my surprise. When I logged in, my balance went immediately from $35+ to almost nothing and my credit card information was gone. They yesterday, I got a receipt for $34 worth in in-app purchases from Kingdom Conquest.


    Hey, Apple! How about some public acknowledgement about the problem and reimbursement? Who do I call/email?

  • annierob2004 Level 1 Level 1

    It's alarming that so many of us have been caught like this and yet still Apple are doing little to stop it happening, it's all very well refunding but really we just want the rogue apps stopped.  I've just posted on the BBC Click Facebook page about this, maybe some more high profile publicity will provoke better action by Apple (and even perhaps an improvement in their Ts & Cs).  This is the link to their page if anybody else would like to add comment: but you will probably need to "join" the page to see the thread.


    I have also posted a similar thing on the iTunes UK Facebook page. Lo and behold it was deleted almost immediately.


    It's time for us to agitate!

  • TheScotty Level 1 Level 1

    Some very fine points there Brad and I agree entirely with what you have said.


    From now on, or until I am confident Apple has addressed the issue, I will be keeping my credit card well away from iTunes.


    Apple's lack of acknowledgement of any problem will save them embarrassment from the wider public who will remain unaware but will only infuriate further those who have been victims of this breach of security.  It is a dangerous game to play as they may end up alienating many loyal customers the further this escalates, by the time they acknowledge a problem it may be too late.


    One further thing that is currently frustrating me is that despite 'reporting a problem' over 32 hours ago I have yet to hear from anyone from Apple.  A serious breach of my personal financial information held on their servers and they haven't yet responded to ensure me it will be resolved and not to worry.  I would of course have preferred to report this to a person on the phone but I was told that Apple do not offer telephone support for iTunes.

  • TBF99 Level 1 Level 1

    It almost begs the question. Did apple hire sony to do their account security?

  • TheScotty Level 1 Level 1

    I finally received a reply from Apple.


    They will refund the lost funds within 5 days.


    My account has been disabled and I have to email them more personal information (full address and last legitimate iTunes purchase) and they will look into the possibility of reopening it.


    No admission of a problem


    No reassurances that iTunes is a safe platform.


    They effectively placed responsibility with me and urged me to improve my password and account security.


    I have other unrelated issues with Apple at the moment (mainly related to MobileMe and iCloud) but this is the culmination in a change of attitude for me toward what I once thought was a thoroughly innovative and responsible company.

  • Peter from Islington Level 1 Level 1

    My account got hacked on the 25th. Someone downloaded Kingdom Conquest and used $49.71 leaving me with $0.69.

    I contacted Apple and a representative told me that they would credit my account, as well as make my account inactive until I supplied some personal information. Once this info was supplied they would email me informing me that my account was now active. They also suggested that I change my password.

    I did all of the above.

    I am still awaiting an email saying my account has been reactivated, however, I have gotten an email informing me that my account has been used to download Kingdom Conquest AGAIN twice on the 26th!!! Once for $8.99 and again for$2.99.


    So it certainly appears that APPLE HAS A PROBLEM!!!

    I hope they get this sorted out quickly, I'm also glad they do not have any credit card info, as I only use gift cards.

  • mom2bret Level 1 Level 1

    you can add another to the list. On friday I bought a gift card and added it to my account and last night I get an email saying that a purchase had just been made from iTunes but not from my authorized computer or any devise I had ever used before. Then I got a email saying that my paypal payment method had been stopped.


    So I went and changed all my security information. And seen that my payment info had been deleted and my credit I had just added to my account on friday was all gone except for $2.00


    I sent an email to iTunes support but what I got back was them telling me that they were sorry my download didn't work and i should try it again!! So I have now sent off another email trying to make them relize I didn't purchase it.

  • BMC517 Level 1 Level 1

    I had my account hacked by in-app purchases from GAMESISLIVE CORPORATION  - Lakoo for:

    34.25, 42.26, 49.97, 59.97 & 59.97....I had paypal linked to my account.  It has been removed now.  New passwords all the way around!  I have contacted paypal disputed and apple.  We will see what happens.  I have not found where they downloaded the original app on my account if they ever did.  This started on 6/22 then on 6/24 the last purchase was today after I noticed everything.

  • MACMSB Level 1 Level 1

    me too. Just found out I purchased 41 justin bieber, kylie minogue booklets, albums etc.

    Apple, what are you going to do? You can check these purchases weren't made from any of my authorized computers. Now what?

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