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  • Yosmel Level 1 (0 points)

    Me too I was hacked from Sega Kingdom conquest over $100 from my Pay Pal acc this week.Apple know it but take too long for my refund!!. I'm still waiting Apple ....... also!!!

  • hackerhunter Level 1 (0 points)

    I only can recommend, to set the possibility of payment to none...especially if you use cash services like paypal.

    Only activate any payment possibility if you want to iniciate an individual transaction.

    After that set payment possibilities to none again.


    I had another cash-service than paypal.

    But I also did`nt use iTunes for serveral years.

    So I cannot remenber the exactly way of paying.

    I think there is an automatism to pay here.

    It seems, it is not necessary to confirm the hopefully different password for the cash-service.

    If I am right...that is the second problem of security beneeth the e-mail-adress used as account-id.


    If I am wrong, the hackers know the mostly different passwords of the individual cash-services and the related e-mail-adress...often the same as at iTunes.

    That could be very expensive...but I don`t think, that I am wrong.

  • Paul Peapack Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple "blames the victim": me, the account holder who lost the $62 gift card balance. 

  • whatruckus Level 1 (0 points)

    nice.  i got charged twice today for games.  i never buy games on the iTunes store.  only music, tv shows, and movies.  and my purchase history can verify it.  if i do download something not along those lines, it's always for free.  this is ridiculous.

  • israel1717 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had similar situation and they were very nice and helpful to restore my credit and the wise advise was to sign out right after the purchase.


    Now I have another situation with the endless hrs. that is taking me to download an hd movie.

    will see what happends.

  • ck08 Level 1 (15 points)

    I just got hit today for about $30.  All store credit as I did not have a CC linked.  Waiting for Apple to respond.


    The fraudulant purchases were all apps called Sixjoy Hong Kong






    Your Apple ID, XXXXX, was just used to make a purchase in 三国塔防 - 魏传 from the App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID.


    If you made this purchase, you can disregard this email. It was only sent to alert you in case you did not make the purchase yourself.


    If you did not make this purchase, we recommend that you go to to change your password, then see Apple ID: Tips for protecting the security of your account for further assistance.




  • ck08 Level 1 (15 points)

    Ok.  Got a quick response from Apple.  I did not like the tone as they chastized me for not being secure which is bogus.  Anyway, I got a credit for the cost of the fraudulant apps but they did not refund the sales tax.  Anyone else with an experience like this?  Even though it is only $2 I will hound them until I am made whole again.

  • mrmaxwell77 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iTunes account was hacked for a total of $41 overnight....seems like I am not alone!! Apple also emailed me realising a dodgy transaction as below;



    Your Apple ID xxxxxxxxx was just used to make a purchase in 帝國 Online from the App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID.

    If you made this purchase, you can disregard this email. It was only sent to alert you in case you did not make the purchase yourself.

    If you did not make this purchase, we recommend that you go to to change your password, then see Apple ID: Tips for protecting the security of your account for further assistance.





    My credit card was also removed from my account. I will now just use gift card top ups of $20 to minimize future issues.


    I've had my iTunes account for several years and this is the furst time I have had a problem...I hope Apple do the right thing by me...

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,035 points)

    My policy is not to keep the credit card number on the account: I put it in if I want to make a purchase, and remove it immediately afterwards. I know it's a bore (I don't make that many purchases so it's not too bad for me) but not so much of a bore as having to deal with fraud.

  • happyclarks Level 1 (0 points)

    This weekend I've experienced a very frusterating hack with my itunes account. YesterdayI recieved notice in my e-mail that two $50 gift cards had been purchased with my apple store account. Somehow the hacker had gained access to my account, changed the billing address to some unsuspecting lady in California (we live in TX), and used a Master Card ending in four numbers that we do not own (probably a stolen card). We called the lady in CA, she called apple and checked her credit cards as well, luckily it was not her card. She mentioned Apple was not very helpful. Several hours of calls to apple only resulted in them talking me through changing my password and putting in a request for help on the 'express support'. I recieved an automated reply, but nothing else. I then entered one of the gift cards to see how much was left on it, to my horror it loaded $50 in my account. I then went to the local Apple store with my computer, printed receipts, and printed copies of the gift cards. The manager was very understanding and did start a line of inquiry at my request, but he explained there is little they can do since the Apple Store is seperate from the internet store.  Furthermore, if I want to report it as fraud, the only way Apple will respond is if I file a police report. Which I intend to do if Apple is unresponsive.  The sad part about this situation is that there is probably someone using a stolen credit card and Apple's laise faire attitude and policy's are probably allowing it to continue. My previous password only consisted of letters and I suspect someone was able to enter the account with a hacking program. This definitly was not a case of someone being able to enter the account by 'mistake'.  Hopefully this is resolved soon and Apple acts quickly to help stop identity theft and fraud, but so far the've been mostly unconcerned with acting quickly to notify someone that their credit card might havde been used fraudlently the itunes store.

  • John Kranz Level 1 (5 points)

    My iTunes account got hacked overnight. It was linked to paypal and I had six transactions at nearly $300.


    I've been working with Paypal to open disputes and they have been helpful.


    I've been trying to contact Apple to figure out the best way to change my iTunes and Apple account but I can't get a live person to help me. All I get is Express Lane support which takes 48 hours for an email response. In th meantime, after resetting all my accounts and passwords, as soon as I relinked paypal, another unathorized payment came through.


    This is scary and I don't know what to do to stop the bleeding. I feel like more transactions will try to sneak through as soon as I provide a credit card, etc.

  • colesmom11 Level 1 (0 points)

    happyclarks....Almost the EXACT same thing happened to me yesterday.  I just discovered it when I received email receipts for purchases I did not make.  Two $50 giftcards purchased using my account, my name and street address but different city, state and zip - also using a credit card that I did not recognize.  I had someone make a fraudulent purchase using my credit card in the past, so I knew better than to keep my credit card number on my iTunes account, Thank God!  But, I am sure whoever is doing this is using stolen credit card numbers.  I just started using an iPhone, so I wonder if that is how they accessed my account.  I am VERY disappointed in Apple's response.  Having to send an email complaint and not being able to speak to someone in person when your personal information has been comprised is disheartening!  And good luck getting anywhere with filing a police report.  I am actually a state prosecutor, and local law enforcement generally do not deal with these types of crimes.  They are national, if not international, and local law enforcement generally just are just not equipped with the resources to investigate.  If Apple wants individuals to continue using their services, I suggest they improve customer service AND strengthen the security of their phones, apps and iTunes.  This seems like a very widespread problem!

  • Dr Frankenstein Level 1 (0 points)

    This morning, I found an e-mail in my inbox telling me about an App Store purchase "on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID." The applications purchased are "帝國 Online", as well as two other in-app purchases totalling $27.76, all made on this December 4 morning. Of course, I cannot copy/paste the descriptions of these purchases from the iTunes UI...

    Of course, I never bought this application or any application using my Apple ID. In fact, I do not own an iPhone, iPad, iPod or any Apple-branded hardware. I use iTunes solely to buy and listen to music.

    No charge has been made to my credit card, as I had iTunes credit obtained from gift cards. I also found that my credit card information had been removed from my Apple ID account. My billing address, however, has not been changed.

    My account has always had a password that cannot reasonably be guessed, and my info had never been input anywhere except in the iTunes application. I work in IT, I am entirely aware of what to do to recognize, avoid and report phishing attempts. Heck, I even make sure to check that the MD5 hashes of my passwords cannot be cracked in a reasonable amount of time.

    I already changed my password this morning as a security measure.

    Now, the only thing I cannot find is an e-mail address to dispute the transactions and (hopefully) get my credit back. I know I'll probably be treated just like the average teenage n00b that had "qwerty" as his password, and that Apple will still not do anything to keep this from happening again (except for a slap on the wrist I didn't deserve)... but oh well. The "report issue" in my purchase history directs me to the iTunes Support home page, which does not have a single article about how to dispute purchases.

  • mrmaxwell77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple will need to get better with its iTunes security. All it does is boast about how it has more active credit cards on file than any other about waving a red flag to hackers!


    I've never been hacked in all my years of using the Internet....yet this hack was very straightforward almost as if someone had all my user details....smells like inside job.


    To lodge a complaint and hopefully get a refund you need to log a support email via the support page under iTunes > billing query and include the order number of the fraudulent transaction (worked for me).

  • etiennefrommunsterville Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me to the list of people hacked.  Kingdom Conquest, drained my account balance.  Luckily I didn't have any credit cards or Paypal info attached.


    Great job Apple.  This has been going on for how long? 


    Anyway, I went and bought an Android phone this weekend. and plan to make purchases through the Amazon App Store.  I've been doing business with Amazon for years and never got so much as a suspicious charge.


    Just give me my money back, and we can part ways amicably.  Still love your hardware Apple, but your services suck.

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