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  • Carlo TD Level 3 (550 points)

    I disagree. It is no different than if a person makes fake checks with your account number on it. It is not the bank's fault! I do believe that Apple is being due dilagent. I also belive that this could happen with any company. I I go to a resturant, and the waiter writes down my cc number... hey it could happen, does not make it the banks fault, let alone the resturants fault. There are checks and balances in place. You don't know how many times I walk up to a computer and, someone forgot to log out of their facebook or twitter account. I think that for them to log into your account and change your email, is really suspisious. Heck that is not hacking into an account, that is blatently using someone's profile on their own computer to do something like that or its even on some public computer. Everytime a transaction is completed it records the internet protocol address as part of that transaction. So, no I totally disagree with you.

  • Carlo TD Level 3 (550 points)

    I do not understand what you are saying...When you upraded to the icloud, it required you to change your password in addition I believe it also made you change your Apple ID, but here is what i dont understand because in the post above you say and I bolded and underlined the part i dont understand:

    Doubleshotlight wrote:


    Apple is at fault because stores have a duty of care for the safety and security of its customers.  Apple has put itself out to the world as a safe and secure place to put your credit card, paypal, and gift card information so it should be vigilent in protecting such information.

    I don't believe Apple has lived up to this duty.  Even if they are not responsible for the leak of this confidential information (which seems doubtful considering the masses of people with the same story and different payment methods and the specific stories of App developers that make purchases), I know for me, when my account was hijacked, the hacker changed my Apple ID and my email was never notified. Apple only has you confirm major account changes through the NEW email you imput and not through your OLD email.  They should at the very least have a system in place to notify our real email when our accounts are compromised and make confirmation of such changes through your original email.


    Since I have been locked out of my hijacked account for over 48 hours, I started making some music purchases at Amazon, the music is cheaper, has less legal restrictions, it is all stored in the cloud, and hopfully my cc information is protected by a company that cares more about security.

    meanwhile in the post created here:  you write (and I bolded and underlined the part I dont understand):




    Doubleshotlight wrote:


    Did you check to see if your purchase history is still there?  This morning I noticed the same thing but  I looked at my purchases and found there were none, as if it was a brand new account.  When I went into my iphone's iCloud settings, some random person was signed into my icloud.


    I subsequently changed my email address on my Apple ID just in case they had access to my email. When I changed the email, I found that my original email was never notified that I had changed to a new email.  This is crazy because you will never know if someone has changed your email! This leads me to believe that someone hacked my account and changed the email address and Apple ID and created a new shell account with my old Apple ID so I didn't realize that my real account was taken over.  That means your real account might be under a  new Apple ID.  That is my theory so far... waiting on customer service.

    Just out of curiosity, perhaps you were seing yourself online? or do you have multiple apple id's. I am confused.


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  • wendyfromsaint paul Level 1 (0 points)


    People are hacking into accounts and stealing itunes credits and/or using the paypal and/or credit card attached to the itunes accounts. Mine was hacked for credits and paypal. Clearly it's a hacker with the multiple attacks. I would be there is a group of people doing this. Someone's getting rich and no one has been able to or wants to track them down and obviously there is some issue where apple security is being compromised. If it were a singular incident then yes, someone used someone's computer but with all these attacks it's deeper than that. I got my credits back, be patient and don't take no for an answer


    This is happening with itunes accounts, Apple should take some soft of action, if they are not...

  • ck08 Level 1 (15 points)

    Why are you so quick to disagree?  I don't see what is so difficult to understand.  It is the iTunes account that is being used as the mechanism to do the fraud.  This is not the fault of the banks or Pay Pal but clearly a flaw somehwhere in Apple's system.


    I literally have 8 different online bank accounts, 3 airline accounts, precscriptions accounts at Walgreens in addition to numerous email and social network not to mention shopping and Netflxi.  I have NEVER EVER had any of these accounts compromised except for the iTunes.  I was NOT a victim of phishing and my password met Apple's criteria as very secure.


    Please tell me Carlo, where is the common link then?  Because you seem to be stuck with blinders on.  With all due respect I am getting tired off your denials and blame on the users or anyone other than Apple.

  • TheGuyintheProjectionBooth Level 2 (195 points)

    And totally disagree with you. If Apple had actually done "due diligence" this whole situation would have been dealt with when it started, it sounds like this has been going on for years, and not left to 60 pages of complaints and "me too" stories and would have done far better than blaming the consumer in their replies. With this many people, if not more affected, all those that got hit but don't know of this forum or just don't post, this situation is totally unacceptable in many ways. This is serious and because of it, who can trust their "cloud"?


    I think it's past due to bring the "authorities" and find the problem or shut it down. It's only a matter of time before there is a Class Action Suit. I'm thoroughly amazed that one hasn't bought yet.

  • John Kranz Level 1 (5 points)

    Big, HUGE thumbs up from Apple.


    I just received an email in which their iTunes Store support was basically saying it was good that I had requested a refund through paypal already and that, indeed, they were supporting that action.


    That is, to be honest, not the response I was expecting given previous posts I've read and in reviewing their own terms of agreement in which they state any in-app purchases made must be resolved directly with the software vendor involved.


    Knock-on-wood, this all sounds too good to be true, but if things do get credited as Apple is stating to me now, that is an incredibly positive and responsive resolution to my unfortunate experience that transpired yesterday!!!



  • wendyfromsaint paul Level 1 (0 points)

    Of course itunes would support paypal refunding you.  Then itunes isn't liable for the refund.  Paypal will refund you no doubt for any $ through your bank account or CC.  Their policy is similar to a credit card's policy on fraud.  All in all you will get your $ back so that is a good thing for you.  Apple should still look into this, it's been going on wayyyyyyy too long.  Paypal shouldn't have to be responsible.

  • wendyfromsaint paul Level 1 (0 points)

    Paypal also refunded the portion of my hacked account that was through them... It was put back in my bank account within 2 days or so.  Paypal also had me cancel the "contract" that binds them to my itunes store.  So now my itunes store is not attached to paypal anyone.

  • aircool Level 1 (0 points)

    No you are wrong, you don't need a CC or Paypal account to link to your Apple account, I have never had anything linked to mine and still don't.


    You are right about one thing though, there is a common link that is Apple!


    I wonder why you are reluctant to face the facts - are you also linked to Apple?

  • aircool Level 1 (0 points)

    There seems to be a flurry of activity here again, there was a lull recently, probably preparing for Xmas when many more gift cards will be bought, not by me though. I have advised everyone I know of this problem and most have read through this thread, all of those that have read even part of it are astonished and now enlightened.


    At the end of the day it is unbelievable that this problem is going unchecked, we are the customer and Apple the supplier, we have a right to expect that our funds are properly looked after. There will always be problems I know but this is outrageous, Apple do nothing, no one to speak to, contemptuous scripted replies, disgusting and shameful.


    I have gone the Android route now, not as slick I know but I do feel a **** of a lot more secure.

  • martinfromauckland Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, still happening.  Just loaded 2 new gift cards onto my account ($40.00) and within 2 days, sucked dry by a hacker in Asia from what I can work out buying gaming in-app purchases. Waiting for my refund and for Apple to unlock my account.

  • firebronco Level 1 (0 points)

    I am new on here, never had a problem with itunes/apple until today. Woke up checked my email and there were two $50 gift card purchases made under my apple id. I attempted to access my account but my password had been changed, when I tried the "i forgot my password" email I didn't get the email, I then attempted to authenticate through my birthdate and that had been changed. The address where the gift cards are being shipped is a building with three businesses, one is a software company, one a computer store and I can't remember the third right now. The credit card used to purchase the cards was not mine as I did not recognize the last 4 digits. I did not have any gift cards on file. Has anyone else had this happen as opposed to the gift card balances being stolen.

  • RMUNSON01 Level 1 (0 points)

    Complete agree with Wendy and CK08.  This is not a user security issue, it is an Apple security issue.  However, I remain clueless how to get Apple interested/engaged/involved.  Does Apple monitor this forum?  I filed my report with Apple yesterday and got the form letter advising me to be careful with my password!!?!?!?!


    I filed a police report today.  I was only clipped for $19 (since refunded, so technically I am not out anything except a since of security).  The minimal amount of each fraud is so small it hardly gets anyone interested.  But, when you add it all up...

  • happyclarks Level 1 (0 points)

    Carlo TD, Thank you for the excellent post and references. After a very frustrating weekend I have come to the conclusion that apple is not acting responsibly. If you read my earlier post from happyclarks you'll have the background of what happened. I was out no money, but was instead trying to get someone at apple to suspend the fraudulently purchases giftcards, notify the person in CA that her identity had been used, and most importantly notify the bank of the person who has the MasterCard ending with 4547 that illegal purchases were being charged against it. This is the response from apple that I received today over 3 days later:



    "I once again I reviewed your iTunes Store account and found that, the first of the two Gift Cards were cancelled and the other was redeemed to someone's account but that account was disabled for redeeming a fraudulently purchased Gift Card.Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing who the card holder was to alert them, but their card was banned to prevent further unauthorized purchasing. As for the bank being notified, the person whose card was used will see the unauthorized charges on their credit card and report them to their bank but there's nothing more that we can do."

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