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  • trailbossc Level 1 Level 1
    I put mine in from the computer. But I did not get hacked until about a month later. From the time I entered the gift card to the time I had been hacked, I was only entering my password on the iPod.
  • BradGTX77 Level 1 Level 1
    Well then I guess my theory is no good. Thanks!
  • brad p Level 1 Level 1
    i think its something to do with apps and gift cards..
  • Terrence Level 1 Level 1
    As for me, my account was hacked 1st, then my CC information was altered and then the unlucky guy whose card number was plugged into my apple id, purchased not just 1 but 2 50 dollar itunes gift card.
  • trailbossc Level 1 Level 1
    There are people in this thread (I believe) that did not have gift card balances. Either way, I don't think this is something that you or I can prevent from happening by being safe.
  • Beast70 Level 1 Level 1
    I emailed Apple about the issue on Saturday. They replied on Monday and asked for some confirmation information, which I immediately replied to. My account was credited today (Tuesday).

    Apple didn't give me a hard time about it, so they must know that there is a problem of some kind. I hope everyone else is as fortunate with their resolution as I have been.

    Good luck!
  • ewtaylor2001 Level 1 Level 1
    Add me to the list, it is something on apple's end I am sure of it. I access only through a single computer at home hardwired in. No mobile access at all I had a 9 digit completely randomized pw with a mix of numbers and letters with special characters as well. It is unique to my itunes account, and I change it anually. My computer is up to date on patches and has full virus, malware, and firewall protection all kept up to date also. I run daily scans for virus, and malware. I use itunes around 1/month at most, that being said my account was hacked and the credits used up to purchase the following
    180,000+ 3D Animations & TextArt Emoji, v2.0, Seller: Jingyu Zhao (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    2 3D Icons & TextArt Emoji, v1.6, Seller: Jingyu Zhao (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    3 HD Wallpaper Pro, v1.3, Seller: Jingyu Zhao (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    4 Text Pictures for Creative Texting Message Anywhere, v1.4, Seller: Jingyu Zhao (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    5 TextArt Pro-Creative SMS/EMAIL/IM Text Pictures for iPhone Texting Anywhere, v1.2, Seller: Qineng He (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    6 MSN Live Messenger with PUSH, v1.2.7, Seller: Beijing 9thQ Digital Technology Co,.Ltd (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    7 10000+ 3D&emoji Animations Pro, v1.7, Seller: James Huang (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    8 Mail Plus, v1.0, Seller: James Huang (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    9 ALL-IN-1 CHEATBOX, v1.1, Seller: James Huang (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    10 MSN Live Messenger Pro, v1.0, Seller: HandCN Mobisoft (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    11 HD Wallpaper for iPhone 4, v1.1, Seller: HandCN Mobisoft (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    12 Animations plus-essential animations and emojis for iPhone, v1.0, Seller: HandCN Mobisoft (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    13 Halo Reach UNLOCKS, v1.0, Seller: HandCN Mobisoft (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $0.99
    14 StarCraft II Game Guide, v1.1, Seller: James Huang (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem $1.9

    I was floored mac does not have 24 hour support and have filed a problem report also
  • Scottnj Level 1 Level 1
    I was just ripped off in the App store also from a company that is called GAMEISLIVE and some chinese symbols.

    I emailed Apple since the number I tried to call says Apple is closed.

    This is ridiculous. I was lucky it was a itunes card credit, but I have to get my credit card info off my account asap. I dont trust Apples security anymore.
  • Terrence Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry to hear that Scott.

    I would advise you to call AppleCare (1-800-275-2273). Tell them what has gone down and that you need a warm live body to assist you on this issue.

    So far, I am checking my itunes account daily for discrepencies. I was able to supply the apple tech the information they were seeking and they reset my itunes/ apple ID so that I could once again download tracks, and download apps from the mac app and the iphone app store. But, no follow up word to say.. *hey we fixed it, all is well, you have been a loyal customer, blah blah blah, and in appreciation, blah blah blah". I sure hope that Apple is appreciative of my business over the years since Ive purchased a significant amount of hardware from them and not merely just my 1st mac plus in 1988.
  • mikejonesdesigns Level 1 Level 1
    Add another one to the list of hacked iTunes accounts.

    I got an email receipt this morning for the following purchases that I did NOT make:

    1 德州撲克, 240,000 chips, Seller: Hongbin Suo
    Report a Problem $9.99
    2 德州撲克, 100,000 chips, Seller: Hongbin Suo
    Report a Problem

    While I did load up a couple gift cards, that was over 2 weeks ago and was done through the iTunes store on my mac (not the iphone or ipad). I suspect there is some security breach on a few apps my wife downloaded onto her iPhone using my itunes account.
  • elsieraven Level 1 Level 1
    Add me to list of hacked accounts.

    Got an email this morning detailing two purchases from 4/3/11

    1 初恋爱(三)Learning Chinese Audio Novels 19, v1.0, Developer: lane ma (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem £2.99
    2 初恋爱(二)Learning Chinese Audio Novels 18, v1.0, Developer: lane ma (4+)
    Write a Review Report a Problem £2.99

    I emailed then via support link but only had automated response so far (UK)

    There is no payment info on my account can't remember if there was before. I assume that there would have been as I have purchased directly before, this only the second time I have used a gift card.

    So my big question is, is my bank account at risk now?

    I changed my id and password.
  • SeanFL Level 1 Level 1
    Add me to the list.

    I couldn't login to my account last night and finally got around to logging in this morning only to find all of my account details modified, password changed, and unauthorized purchases on my account.

    I had a $15 credit on my account from gift cards as well. I have heard around the internet that there some sort of vulnerability in iTunes gift cards.

    High Noon, 30 Wampum, Seller: Exoweb Ltd. $4.99
    High Noon, 75 Wampum, Seller: Exoweb Ltd. $9.99
    Thief Lupin!, v1.0.2, Seller: doosun hong Free
    Ow My Balls!, v2.0.1, Seller: Jetson Creative LLC Free
    Laser Lights, v1.2, Seller: Pavel Doichev Free
    Donut Maker, v1.01, Seller: Suntorm Interactive Free
    Angry Birds Seasons Free, v1.2.0, Seller: Rovio Free
    The Godfather Empire, v2.1, Seller: Highway Free
    Coin Dozer, v6.0, Seller: Game Circus LLC Free
    Crazy UFO, v1.1.1, Seller: Avallon Alliance Ltd. Free

    I sent an email to iTunes support for feedback this morning and I am still waiting for a response. The thing that really upsets me is I would expect any attempt to reset my password should generate an email, but the only email I received was when I reset my password after my account was hacked. Either a smart hacker or a dumb Apple. Regardless, I have lost faith in Apple's account security and I will not be attaching a credit card to my account again.
  • brad p Level 1 Level 1
    when i was hacked, i had no CC on my account.
    i couldnt rem. if i had one listed or not..
    i recently tried to open a new itunes account, but could not
    without entering a cc.
    so i would say, if the account requirments have stayed the same,
    we all had a CC on file originally.

    right? no one has opened a new account without a cc on file?
  • WD0FCU Level 1 Level 1
    Gift card was hacked. Changed PW per Apple's suggestion and they have refunded the purchase. However they disabled my account for purchases which happens to include updates when I reported the incident, 3/3/11, and said

    'If you would like your iTunes Store account to be enabled, please reply to this email with the following information:

    1) The billing address listed on the account, and

    2) One of the following:

    - the order number of your most recent purchase
    - the name of any item you've purchased using this account

    I will use the information you provide to investigate the possibility of enabling your account. Please note this investigation could take several days.'

    I did as requested and still waiting for account to be reactivated
  • Terrence Level 1 Level 1
    This is the same email that I received from Apple in the course of my Apple ID being disabled. Apple took 3 days to reactivate my apple ID so that I could download free apps for my iphone and for my macbook. Once my Apple ID was reset and I was allowed to download what I wanted whether for my iphone4 or for my lap or desktop, I then removed payment informtion. My strategy now is to only put payment information (paypay/ CC information) immediately before making a purchase, and once the purchase is complete, then I go into an remove payment information.

    I think its clear now that there is a system vulnerability with the itunes gift cards lies squarely with Apple. Also, that there appears to be some stealth apps that will activate an "in app" purchase and while this appears to be limited to gambling type of Apps, i wouldn't be surprise that any app that involves a subscription form of payment, also runs the risk of triggering additional debiting of your account.

    In my instance, I had my Bank CC information on file with the Apple itunes store. When I was traveling overseas, I did receive an email from the apple itunes store on the unauthorized transactions. At that point, I tried to contact Apple via email to report a problem. While those transactions at the time did not go thru, I can only surmise that who ever hacked in my itunes account could not invoke a payment based upon my CC information as my CC information had been partially altered. My name remained the same on the CC information, but all other information had been changed such as Bank CC (changed to MasterCard from the other vendor, CC number, probably the 3 digit security code, State and Zip code was changed from Alaska to Tennessee with a corresponding zipcode). As far as I can see, it appears that these transactions (2ea 50 dollar itunes gift cards and an itunes music track) failed, but remained as a part of my accounts history when my Apple itunes account was reinstated.

    I won't be purchasing an itunes gift card ONLINE for myself or for others.
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