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I do not want to move my i photo library, but I would like to back it up to the external drive I purchased (it is a Maxtor mini 4). I do not want to back up anything on this drive except photos (I have over 10,000 on my computer at this point). The question is, when I set up/schedule a back up, and select the drives I want to include, I'm selecting "Pictures"...and it appears that the iphoto library is "grayed out" - - - does this mean I not selecting it? There are other pictures and folders that are not grayed out - so it worries me.

If I am "skipping" over the iphoto library - where do I go to "select" it for a scheduled backup?

thanks all.

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    to backup your iPhoto library you simply need an exact copy of it on a different drive = the procedures for doing this would be a function of your backup software and support for that would be in the manual for the software or the support web site for it

    In general something that is grayed out is not selected and will not be backed up - but again that is a function of your specific software

    The only sure way to test a backup is to restore it (to a different location - do not overwrite your original file) and try it - with some backup systems you also can test it by having depressing the option key and launching iPhoto and selecting the backup as the default library - once tested be sure to switch back to your main library