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iTunes keeps telling me that there is not enough free space to sync my iPhone. I have a 32gb iPhone 4. The phone tells me I have 2.0 GB of available room on the phone and iTunes says that I have 7.4 gigs of free space. Why are the two numbers so different and why won't it allow me to upload a 1 gb video?

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    How much space is free on your computer? If you're computer itself is out of space I'm sure it needs some room to be able to carry out the sync. Part of the sync is a backup and depending upon how many pictures you have, etc that can take up a little bit of room.

    I cannot explain the different numbers, unless you have some information on the phone which is not properly registered.
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    I had the same problem. Even after a restore and other troubleshooting tactics, I followed the advice from #1 in this article (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1503) and it worked just fine. It was also easy to do.
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    when you did this, do you recall if it actually removed all the music from your iPhone when you applied the change and then put it all back again when you applied it again?


    I usually can't leave my phone connected to my computer long enough to go through adding all the music back in as my itunes drive isn't on my home computer and during work hours I need access to my phone too often to leave it running to add music for hours and hours on end.


    before I go and remove all the music from my phone, I want to make sure that Im covered and won't have to wait several hours to get it back on such a simple solution. apple's kb article says nothing of the time it will take or how it actually performs the actions described (whether it virtually applies them and sets them back again prior to actually forgetting the songs, or wether it really does instantly remove all the music and then require you to bring it all back even though it's already there).

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    I have the 32 gb phone and it doesn't take anywhere near 20 min to do a complete resync of all data including movies, songs, and photos. You must be using an old computer with an old USB port that has the slower data rate. You really should update your computer if it is that slow.

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    nope, not using an old computer. I have a 17" high-res MPB that does very well with just about everything else. normally my usb stuff runs through a hub for convenience on the go and back to the desk, but when doing stuff that requires better throughput, I go direct. I use esata for time machine backups for the speed advantage. if there was an affordable esata iphone sync cable I'd consider it, but the main sync should only have to happen once or twice in a lifetime of the product, the rest should be incrementals—which is my primary concern for the length of time it takes. that is negligible over usb when dealing with much smaller (incremental) numbers.


    I used to carry a massive ipod library but started using smart playlists to keep things fresh and did well with my 16gb nano and now do the same with my 16gb iphone 4. I think the main issue is that I I use the reduce to 128 quality setting as with windows down most of the time in the car, I never get enough audio playback distortion to make using a higher quality file more important than higher quantity. I'm not sure where and how the reduced-szed files are stored, or if they're just done on-the-fly and the main reason for the slow-down, but in any case, I'm well aware of the tech needed to have decent throughput and don't wish to sit through hours of conversion time again if that would be the case in order to perform the first option linked above.


    also kc7gnm1, you'd do well to learn some forum etiquette. while your first sentence references a good anecdotal comparison, your second is pure conjecture and/or accusation based on false assumptions. if you had asked if I was using an old computer, that would be fine; or even questioned if I was using older usb tech or a hub, that would be valid troubleshooting process. assuming and accusing me of inferior equipment helps nobody in the process. telling someone to upgrade to 2004 standards doesn't really help the process much.


    should somebody else come along with a comparison for the reduced file sizes as well, then perhaps there might be something else for me to look at.


    ideally, I just want to know if when I uncheck and apply the change does it then require me to run the entire multi-hour process again or will it remember where those files are by reviewing the old directory structure?

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    Well if you had provided more information then I would have responded differently. When it takes you hours to transfer less than 32 gigs of data from your computer to your ios device then you have a slow data rate and therefore I assume you have an older USB connection. You did not state this in your post. I was giving you a suggestion and you should remember forum etiquette as well. You should give more information so we don't have to assume you have older hardware. Next time tell us your hardware configuration instead of saying it takes hours to put data back on your ios device.


    Again it should not take you hours to transfer that much data to your ios device. Something is wrong with your computer or you have a corrupt file somewhere that is causing the slowdown. I can completely restore my iphone which is using about 20gigs of data in less than an hour so if it takes you multi-hours as you say you have a bigger problem than file size.


    I was only attempting to decipher your problem with the information you gave me but apparently you must think we can read your mind or are supposed to know exactly what hardware you have running. Next time you decide to post a problem don't expect a good answer unless you provide as much detail as possible.

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    While installing some items on my wife's iPad, I saw a warning explaining that one of these items required a large chunk of space during the installation but that most of this space would be freed at the end of the process.

    This kind of behavior may explain the difference which you described.


    I wish to add my points to kc7gnm1 response. It's really annoying to get question which don't give all the informations required for issuing an accurate answer.

    Of course, no need to say that the socket is correctly plugged (it's required by Apple Assistance but here we aren't Apple employees) but it's useful to know which hardware and which operating system are involved.


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    iMac 21”5, i7, 2.8 GHz, 4 Gbytes, 1 Tbytes, mac OS X 10.6.7

    Please : Search for questions similar to your own before submitting them to the community


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    points taken. however, my issue is that I wasn't asking for troubleshooting on what I assumed was normal behavior. I was asking about the behavior of something that does not appear to be documented elsewhere by way of someone who has performed the task.


    I appreciate the pro-active approach when done well. no sense arguing that one.

    kc7gnm1 wrote:


    Next time you decide to post a problem don't expect a good answer unless you provide as much detail as possible.


    in response to this?

    Jeremy Bechtold wrote:




    when you did this, do you recall if it actually removed all the music from your iPhone when you applied the change and then put it all back again when you applied it again?



    ...in direct response to their claim that they performed the task described above. perhaps I should have stated that I did not think that my follow-up info was describing a problem, but rather normal behavior when converting very high bitrate (usually 256-320 vbr) files down to 128 while my computer is otherwise busy performing normal work tasks since I don't usually do it after hours.


    lastly, it's my fault for not realizing that apple dumped my signature which would have shown what equipment I was working with in the year-long transition to the "new discussions" as it has not been an issue in other posts since the switch.


    if I find a way to make the provided info relevant to my issue (as in if I determine that another issue is the culprit and restoring my iPhone is the only answer), then I'll investigate more closely whether it makes sense to compare speeds for reduced files versus full size and post results here as well.

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    thanks koenig,


    I have seen this too in many other threads. it appears that many apps need 2 - 2.5x the download size to extract and install the app and then it usually assumes a space .5 - 1.5x the size of the download in the end. I wish that was my case...


    I show 3 - 3.5gb of available space on my 16gb iphone 4 at almost all times. however, in recent weeks/months when I attempt to add a new album of tracks (usually originally 256-320kbps vbr @ ±2.3mb/min or less than 300mb per album, or reduced to what I assume is 128k vbr @ ±1.2mb/min or less than approx 80mb per album on average). even at full size an album of 300mb worth of aac files should fit close to 10 times in the available space if calculated correctly. try as I might, I cannot convince my itunes to add more than 50mb or so of new music to the iphone without being told that I need to dump another 80-400mb of data to accept what I assume to be <80mb of finished file size. even if it were to transfer the full sizes and then process them on the iphone (daft thinking, but still) it there would be plenty of space.


    as best as I can find, the way itunes estimates space is severely flawed. if I had a bunch of apps (or games) that required levels of background graphics or storyboard panels, that would be one thing and I could understand potential issues. but lately I rarely add new apps and always check the size of the app first just in case as I would usually rather more music than a space-hogging app that I might rarely use.


    thanks for the comment, though I think it's not symptomatic of my issue. at least not directly. if there was some reason that music needed to balloon in size on the iphone then I might consider it a reasonable byproduct of the process.


    I agree with your comment about it being frustrating when not enough info is provided for an accurate answer. however, I believe there was plenty of info to answer my question. I wasn't asking for troubleshooting on my situation—I would have done that in another thread rather than hijack this one. thanks though for the comment as it reminds me to be more specific in what I'm asking for. and also, I need to head back into the personal settings and figure out why signatures are left off again. this new forum format is very un-apple-like. I can't believe they wasted a year rolling this out. cheers.

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    I have found a fix for me for this.

    In itunes click on iPhone and go to music, video tabs etc. and untick everything. So effectively nothing is synced.

    Click apply.

    Then go back and tick music etc. and click apply.

    This should then sync fine.

    Hope this helps

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    Thank you!!! This was the easiest route to go. Once I created space by turning off photos and music and sucessfully synced, I was able to add them right back just fine with no error. iTunes remembered what playlists I had synced before, so I didn't even have to reselect them.