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Not to point a finger at this ios update.....whatever I call shenanigans on it! It was noon today when I updated my well functioning Ipad which is 3G+Wifi around noon today. However, this evening I noticed my Ipads WIFI is not connecting properly to my router. Rather my Ipad WIFI appears as though it is connected, showing me the bars etc and that there is a strong connectivity, however when I log into safari it does not load and instead says, " Safari cannot open the page because its not connected to the Internet". Several times I have turned on/off airplane mode, turned my wifi on and off, reset my network settings and still nothing. 3G still works but I use a ton of MBs at work so I can not afford to solely rely on that at home. Would love some help.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), IPAD 3G+WIFI