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I've recently installed Snow Leopard and after re-installed Office for Mac on my Macbook core 2 duo 2.4. Soon after the laptop slowed dramatically. Just the simple operation of opening programs brings up the spinning ball of death.
Then programs failed to open. First up iPhoto now brings up a warning saying: Your iPhoto is either in use by another application or has become unreadable. It tells me to restart and then re-open but nothing happens

Then microsoft office won't open any documents. Word brings up this warning:
Word cannot open this document template. (documents elements.dotx)

Mail now constantly crashes whenever i try to download a document.

Safari locks out on a regular basis.

I'm mostly concerned about the laptop slowing to a halt and not being able to open my iPhoto library. What can I do? I'm thinking of doing a complete re-install. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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