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I updated my iphone 4 with the new update (4.2.1) and lost all of my songs. Ok, probably no big deal, except the computer that has all my songs is about 3,500 miles away. I am working in London for 3 months and have my work laptop with me. My desktop back home across the pond, has all my songs. I recently updated my iphone (without backing up) and currently cannot access my songs. On my iphone (Settings, General, About), it appears my songs are still on the phone. In iTunes, when I click on my device, the capacity still displays songs taking up a certain amount of space. But, on my ipod within the phone, it states 'No Content'. Is there a solution for accessing my songs on my phone? If I sync with my laptop, I am afraid I will be without my songs until 3 months from now. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

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