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  • tarik_potthoff Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello Folks.

    I´m having the same problems with rental movies.
    Takes hours to load, even in 10mbps connection, and if anything happens wile movie is loading, it flush´s out the memory.
    Anything means, watches a different preview of other movie, watches YouTube, plays some content from airplay, etc…
    Even if the movie is completely load, and accidentally you fast forward to the end of the movie, it´s unload from the memory and I have to wait all over again.
  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,510 points)
    If you are using multiple devices at the same time over the network or have too many wifi devices in close proximity (as you have stated) this will likely cause problems. This would have nothing to do with apple.

    The statement is true, because I just rented another movie tonight and it performed exactly as advertised. I have 7mbps connection and a G class router and am on wireless.
  • RyanCincy Level 1 (0 points)
    Literally opened the box today and everything worked great until the rental. My wait time for the film started at 1 hr 48 min and grew. Did a speed test on my connection...not super fast (3mb). Any ideas about why the HUGE wait?
  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,510 points)
    That won't be fast enough if you want HD, try a standard-def title.
  • Rob Hambly Level 1 (0 points)
    Same HD rental issues here. I was starting to think it was another Rogers issue.
    I've had the original Apple TV for years, never had a streaming problem. With the new one it's hit and miss. Tried with Ethernet and Wi-fi, same problem. Had to wait hours for movie to be ready. If you pause and restart it can take several minutes to restart. Hit menu to go to main Apple TV screen and you have to wait for the download process again...
    I've also had issues with home sharing - Sharing a 10 minute clip over wi-fi to which takes several minutes to start...
    Called Apple support (I think for the 1st time ever since I can normally figure this kind of stuff out), 1st tech put me 'on-hold' for 10 minutes before disconnecting, 2nd guy had me unplug for 30 seconds.. everything looked ok once restarted... until later I went to watch a movie...
    The new Apple TV may be great for thousands of customers, but it definitely has an issue somewhere....
  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,510 points)
    It could be a Rogers problem, I wouldn't rule that out. I've heard they've started to throttle connection.
  • Rob Hambly Level 1 (0 points)
    I had heard something similar to that too... (Rogers throttling)... that would suck if true with the ridiculous prices we have to pay, and bandwidth caps... Anyone else having these issues who is using Rogers?
    Still, not convinced it is Rogers. I have an original ATV in my man cave that works just fine.
  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,510 points)
    I'm on cogeco, movies start after 5 seconds. It would suck for sure, but Rogers would see this as a threat to their cable service. Are you streaming on the original or renting and then coming back to it later?
  • Rob Hambly Level 1 (0 points)
    A normal routine in the past has been to rent, and come back in 20 minutes or so to watch...just to make sure of enough buffer... WIth the old Apple TV it gives you a % downloaded which is handy, obviously with the new ATV there is no download, so no % indicator.

    Tonight I rented Knight and Day, it started almost immediately. I stopped it and then went back to regular TV for 30 minutes as I wasn't ready to watch it just yet... Then back to Apple TV, press play and I get "Ready to play in 1:30hr" but it started a couple of minutes later - But then paused for buffering many times throughout the movie... sucked

    My two issues that are bugging me though are 1) it rents fine on the old Apple TV, and 2) home sharing over local network is also an issue going to Apple TV... both points lead me to think it's not an Internet issue..

    Interesting news clip on throttling though traffic-shaping/

    If it all ends up being my provider 'throttling'.... that ain't cool...
  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,510 points)
    Home-sharing problems would be with your local network.

    If you're not watching it right away on both it's harder to make a comparison. The new one still has to download to the flash drive and it will start when it has enough so it can play with little/no buffering.

    If you switch it off and go to watch tv or stream something else while you wait, that will cause issues. For instance, I wasn't ready to watch either, but I left it to screensaver and came back and 30 minutes later I pressed play and was good to go.

    I would never go with rogers because they are ruthless, cogeco isn't great but in this instance I have a flawless experience.
  • gcurnew Level 1 (0 points)
    Add my complaint about streaming movies to the chorus. Have had the new Apple Tv for a few problems streaming with Netflix, running with new Airport Extreme on a fast Shaw connection (just tested at 14.8 megbits, no packet loss at 7ms jitter). Same story...HD movies routinely running out of buffer a few minutes in the program, and at best the download continues and after a few minutes you get to watch another few minutes before the buffer runs out again. Tonight, 47 minutes into a 1:37 movie, the movie stopped playing...and it stopped loading. It's not my router, it's not my network, it's not a speed issue...all components in the equation have been rebooted, and once in a blue moon everything actually works throughout an entire program.
  • Jesse Sutherland Level 1 (0 points)
    I think some people here are missing the point...The fact is that in Canada the Apple Tv 2G does NOT work as advertised. First of all, (unrelated to this, and its a lisencing issue, I know), there isn't in fact any TV offerings. But more germane to this discussion is the fact that Netflix works, Itunes rentals don't. If you look at the vast majority of posts here you have people who are clearly well experienced in using Apple products and some even with Apple Tv (first gen and 2g). There's simply no way that all of these people are just botching their configs.

    I have used Apple products very, very extensively and I would say that both the 1st gen and 2nd gen ATV's are seriously half-baked (or were when originally released). Apple has admitted they're a 'hobby', the press in general has all cast doubt on the first version (well documented to have been problematic) and naturally there was/has been a lot of skepticism about the second attempt. And it seems that skepticism has been well founded. From issues with Home Share, Air Play, and now just straight up rentals it's clear that Apple has not properly prepared this device for market. My iPhone doesn't give me anywhere near as many problems. And, for that matter, given that the two devices run on the same OS its even more perplexing why the ATV does so poorly. Did the iPad have this many hiccups? No, it worked right out of the box in a manner that struck many initially as too similar to the iPhone. Naturally that was because it was the same OS, basically scaled, which at first didn't impress some. Why they couldn't replicate this with the ATV I have no idea. I would have gladly settled for a 'boring' but uber-reliable system ala my iPhone than what we have here.

    I really wish this were not the case. So far, I've really enjoyed the ATV, but there are certain issues that are really making me question my purchase and there is a very good chance that I'll return it. Furthermore, I WAS going to recommend it to my dad/get it for him for Xmas cause he has a Mac, iPad, and uses iTunes very extensivley as well as watches a lot of movies. Now, I really can't do that without serious reservations. If neither he nor I can sit down and just watch a movie, or if he has issues with Air Play, then it really defeats the purpose. Are the people here on this forum and elsewhere holding Apple to a different standard? Absolutely. Apple has created a standard, and furthermore, consistently trumpeted that standard as a major aspect of their brand and experience. They should not be failing so gracelessly where Netflix is succeeding, especially on their own hardware. That is nuts. Which brings me to what I think is a very important point. Apple is known for good, nay, excellent UI. Their products are generally easy to use with good feedback and simple to understand mechanisms. Where is all of that on the ATV?? The ATV comes across as a much less well designed device. Let me illustrate what I mean: when my connection is slow, Google Instant Search will turn itself off and tell me why. That is a web page using JavaScript. When an app on my iPhone can't connect to a resource, I'm told there's an issue. As someone who has submitted apps to the store, I know this is part of the general requirements for any apps that need an internet connection. So, where's the dialogue on my ATV telling me there's an issue? Where's the speed-test informing any of these other people that their configuration is incorrect or insufficient?? Where is that documentation anywhere presented to a user or prospective buyer? Not the Apple store (brick and mortar - they even assured me I could side load content), not the documentation that comes with the ATV and not with any on-screen information that could easily have been presented. That is ludicrous. That is a serious and egregious UI failure. If my iTunes rental is unwatchable, either iTunes shouldn't have initialized it (see a very similar mechanism if you try to download a large app over 3G instead of WiFi) or Apple owes me my $6.00 back. It really is that simple - any similar service, namely a local video store, would have no problem returning my dough if say a DVD was scratched.

    On a final note, Apple cannot afford to fail on this level, especially if they are 'targetting' the living room. The living room is a place where people relax. If I'm in the office and my desktop conks out, or my router or even iphone give me an issue, thats ok, I deal with it, its a part of the process, part of why 'work' *****. However, if I'm spending some of my fleeting spare time trying to relax, possibly with friends/family and that time is wasted or there's a serious issue, it becomes a much bigger problem, and I, like many others will have much less patience. Everyone knows that all of the major players and many minor ones are jockeying for this space. Roku, Boxee, Google, Sony, MS, etc etc. Like Apple, they know that if they put a simple computer into everyone's living room, one within the same ecosystem as their desktops, laptops, mobiles etc you're making a big score. Its one of the last places these companies have managed to seriously penetrate. People spend a lot of time watching TV that they could be spending watching TV via Apple, Google, XBox Live or whatever. This is a big money issue that will probably be to the next decade, what the music/iTunes/file sharing battles were to the last decade. If I spend every waking moment of my day, in transit, at the office, at the home office, and then say in bed watching TV, all within the same OS, platform etc provided by the same company that is huge. That basically ensures brand loyalty for a very long time. After all, who wants to work with so many different systems, let alone commit to one, only to change?? Convergence is the name of the game, and its big stakes. Anyway, I've made that point. But for me the issue is this: my iphone is old, the ATV 2g isn't blowing my mind. I need to upgrade on a number of fronts. Decision time. Android is apparently great, Google TV exists, and Chrome OS is about to bust out on the world stage. One poorly thought out device, and I make the switch, and I probably never come back. This could easily happen. The next 2-3 months will decide my future relationship with one corporation or another for the foreseeable future. I'd like to maintain that relationship with Apple, but it might not happen. As fast as Apple has re-ascended to the heights of profitability and market-share, they could plummet. It happened before. Just look at Android market share...

    PS Sorry about the essay , had some things on my mind. Btw, if I get the ATV rental working, I'll let ya know.
  • tmartine Level 3 (970 points)
    To get a return, go into your account in iTunes on your computer, select your purchase history, find the item (listed by date), click on it, click report problem, write what happened... within 2 days you'll have your money back 
  • Jesse Sutherland Level 1 (0 points)
    Well I did the reboot trick, and it seemed to have worked. Egg on my face - sorta. Still, Apple needs to address some of these problems asap, otherwise the 2g is gonna suffer the same fate as the first.
  • Rob Hambly Level 1 (0 points)
    Home sharing problems don't necessarily mean problems with the local network - Like I've said, my old Apple TV streams fine when sharing from my iMac... Home sharing problems could be the cause of a faulty device... such as a new gen Apple TV...

    It's also odd that when I run network diagnostics on the new Apple TV I get no error reports. In fact I get no reports at all... Just a 'done'. Which leads me to think the diagnostics didn't find any errors - Surely it would report a problem if there was an issue with my network.

    I wish we had Verizon Fios up here in Canada... had it in NY and was great.

    Time will tell what is up with the rental system..
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