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my father received an Apple TV (2nd generation) and i have to set it up for him, remotely. i have access to his mac and he will be at the Apple TV on the phone.

what are the basic steps to "sync" or share his iPhoto libraries on the ATV? i read one must go to Advanced->Choose Photos to Share... and pick iPhoto. is this correct?

once that is enabled, what do i do on the Apple TV side of things? we'd like it so any time he adds new rolls to iPhoto, they automagically show up on Apple TV's photo browser app.

note: we have already enabled Home Sharing on both the mac and the ATV using his Apple ID.

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    Yes you are correct. Make sure you check All photos so it will update when new photos are added. However, you cannot sync to ATV2 as there is no storage. The mac has to be on and running iTunes.

    If he has an iphone or ipod touch he can use that to stream to ATV2.