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I just migrated my old iMac to a new 27" quad core i5. I moved over my old Parallels configuration - parallels 5 with Win XP and am trying to do an upgrade to Parallels 6 and Win 7. Parallels 6 installs fine but when I try to add win 7 it tells me I don't have enough disk space allocated. I have a 1 terabyte drive but can't figure out how to allocate more to Parallels. Currently I have only a 7 gig allocation for my virtual machine. I have tried to use the Acronis disk program Parallels suggested but just don't have a clue on what to do.


Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    By default, the Automatically option is selected. In this case, the total amount of RAM to be allocated to all running virtual machines is automatically calculated by the system based on the following main factors:

    the total amount of memory installed on your Macintosh computer and
    the amount of memory required by Mac OS X for its operation.
    The allocated amount of memory is shared among all running virtual machines.

    *You can configure the amount of physical memory for a particular virtual machine on the General tab of Virtual Machine Configuration.*

    You can redefine the default behaviour and manually set the amount of memory to be reserved for all active virtual machines. To this effect, select the Manually option and specify the needed value by:

    dragging the slider, or
    using the spin box arrows, or
    typing the value directly into the field
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    Thanks Leroy for the reply but my question is related to the DISK space allocated to Parallels not RAM memory. I do not have a problem with the memory size, only the amount of hard drive space which Parallels and Win 7 can use. That is what I need to increase. Sorry if my question was not clear.
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    Hi Malibu Flyer - thanks for the clarification. See if this is what you are looking for:


    hope this helps
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    Since Apple discussions only provide support for Apple products it's best to post further Parallels questions on the Parallels forums at http://forums.parallels.com