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I have a very poor experience about my iMac repairing and I want to send a complaint letter through email to Apple customer service. However, I can't find any link to send out the letter. Does anyone tell me how can I do?

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    kevin350053 wrote:
    ... email to Apple customer service.

    i'm not sure you can.

    there are various options [here|http://www.apple.com/contact> and there is always Apple's [Feedback|http://www.apple.com/feedback> site.


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    I would suggest that you call apple and ask for the address to write a complaint letter. I did that in 2005 when my macbook was suffering from a random shutdown symdrome issue that was known to apple. After I sent the letter, they were really helpful and they called me to make sure the issue would be resolved. I was very satisfied afterward.
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    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino, CA 95014

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    2401 Tower One, Times Square
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    (852) 2506-8888.

    would be better for the OP.
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    My iMac was Built in China, Hong Kong is in China, thats what people tell me, that Hong Kong is in China.
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    What does that have to do with anything? The OP, residing in Hong Kong, wanted to complain about poor repair service, I'm assuming that took place in Hong Kong, so i suggested that filing his complaint at that corporate office would be better for him than sending it to Cupertino.
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    Respectfully, I disagree. The worldwide corporate HQ is in Cupertino and if the OP gets through to corporate relations (basically the corporate side, rather than the retail side) the matter will be resolved to the customers satisfaction. In my experience the foreign operations don't always have the same sense of customer satisfaction as the US corporate office.
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    I Just wanted to say that cause I Don't have No Problems with My iMac Computer at all never did, just Minor things but I Got them all Solved on this Apple Discussions Message Board BTW I Think I Know why My iMac Computer maybe so Good on why it never gave me any problems so far on it having The Perfect Record, it was cause it was Built & Maybe made in China & I Bought My 24inch iMac Computer at The Apple Store in Manhattan in New York City on 59th Street & 5th Avenue, I'm Assuming that since this iMac I Have that was Built & Made in China & since All The Best Stuff in The World is Made in China, I'm Believing thats Why I Have Never had Major Problems with My iMac Computer as of Yet & Maybe My iMac Computer Mite last a very long time? not sure just saying maybe? all The Best Stuff in The World is made in China so I Guess the Chinese People know how to Make The Perfect iMac Computer? this 1 does not give me any problems so far, i'm waiting to see how long it will last that way? I Know it was Built & Made in China cause I Have a Software called TechTools Pro 5 & it gives me all the information on it sorta cause I Checked it out when I 1st bought TechTools Pro 5 so thats why I had to say that, thats all.
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    Do note that the address I provided is the corporate and not the retail side.
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    I'm Sorry I Screwed up, I Heard all iMacs are made in China cause I Was searching that Online so you can Forget what I Said up there, I Thought iMacs were made in The Apple Corporate Building in California cause My Grandmother Teaches me that Products are made in there Corporate Building in our Country at least thats how she thinks it works? My Grandmother is 83 Years Old, she Teaches me everything & she is The #1 Best Grandmother in the World, she is My Favorite so i'm sorry I Messed up.