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I bought iPhone 4 16gb iOS 4.1 last week. Everything was working fine till last night. Today, in the morning i plugged into the PC to charge but it did not detect in iTunes also it did'nt charge, instead it showed a USB sign logo in the battery. I unplugged everything and tried again and this time it showed like 'Charging is not supported with this accessory'or sth like this. Then i unplugged it again and inserted to wallmount charger where it seemed to charge a bit only if i held it in my hand (more like a lose connection).Whenever i let go, it stopped. Again i had to wave the cables for it to connect for a while. But this was totally insane, after a little more waving the iPhone could no no longer detect the charger. I looked into the USB cable Pins..the ones at the end seemed to be outta shape, i fixed it with needle, still no luck. I also dont have any other cables to check with so am stuck. One thing i noticed, if i power off the iPhone and then connect to PC USB the iPhone automatically JUST turns on but neither charges/detects/syncs. iTunes does not detect anything...also that USB sign logo in the battery no longer comes now and in the device manager under USB it shows one "unknown device"---which i already uninstalled/installed.

So help me guys what to do? My iPhone 4 is okay right? its just the usb cable thats the prob right? If i replace it, wont it do the job? Plz tell me so! I'm really scared of my new iPhone 4.


C'mon guys, so many views not one single reply to help me out?

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