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I bought iPhone 4 16gb iOS 4.1 last week. Everything was working fine till last night. Today, in the morning i plugged into the PC to charge but it did not detect in iTunes also it did'nt charge, instead it showed a USB sign logo in the battery. I unplugged everything and tried again and this time it showed like 'Charging is not supported with this accessory'or sth like this. Then i unplugged it again and inserted to wallmount charger where it seemed to charge a bit only if i held it in my hand (more like a lose connection).Whenever i let go, it stopped. Again i had to wave the cables for it to connect for a while. But this was totally insane, after a little more waving the iPhone could no no longer detect the charger. I looked into the USB cable Pins..the ones at the end seemed to be outta shape, i fixed it with needle, still no luck. I also dont have any other cables to check with so am stuck. One thing i noticed, if i power off the iPhone and then connect to PC USB the iPhone automatically JUST turns on but neither charges/detects/syncs. iTunes does not detect anything...also that USB sign logo in the battery no longer comes now and in the device manager under USB it shows one "unknown device"---which i already uninstalled/installed.

So help me guys what to do? My iPhone 4 is okay right? its just the usb cable thats the prob right? If i replace it, wont it do the job? Plz tell me so! I'm really scared of my new iPhone 4.


C'mon guys, so many views not one single reply to help me out?

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    Did you have any luck ?I think I have the same issue!
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    no luck yet...for how long u have this problem? did u try with different cables?
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    I have the same issue... tried connecting with different cables, charging through different Win 7 based computers and regular charger... no luck.

    I just upgraded my OS to 4.2.1 via an iMac. After upgrade the phone connected to the iMac with no problem (can sync and charge). Then I tried to plug it into the Win 7 based computer/other chargers, the phone simply would not charge and the computer cannot recognize the phone (no usb pop-ups).

    Anybody has a similar experience?
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    If a pin was bent you have a hardware problem. Straightening it will not necessarily fix it.
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    Thankfully a new usb cable solved the problem.
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    This is also happening to me--right after the "update" in iOS. Now about half the time, on any of 4 different usb cables connected to my computer, I get that message with the yield sign telling me the cable isn't supported, or that the phone is not charging. Absolutely no change to my system other than upgrading the iphone's software. Happened exactly the same way when I updated my wife's iphone 4 as well...
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    I'm pretty certain this is the same issue going on with the iPad after IOS 4.2 upgrade. I own both the iPhone and iPhone and both are now having issues similar to what everyone is complaining about. Specifically, my iPhone when I want to sync to my computer and charge it would plug into a 'powered' usb external hub. It would charge and sync UNTIL IOS 4.2. The 'solution' was to plug the cable directly into the computer bypassing the hub.

    Similarly, my iPad that I used 2 weeks before the upgrade was able to use the camera kit, and a USB card reader - so I could read my Canon CF cards. This too worked fine prior to the upgrade. Now I have to use the camera sync cable direct to the iPad.

    In both cases, Apple removed functionality. In my opinion, it is true that they didn't ever say that this functionality existed - but with our own sweat, time and money we found it worked great. Shame on Apple!
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    I am also facing the same issue.. tried with different cables to different desktop/laptop but no luck.

    Anybody has a resolution pls revert back.