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Using Ipad 4.2 (Email sync with Exchange Activesync)on Airplane. I can compose emails and the will save in the "outbox" and send when reconnected, but have a question about existing email. Can I manage my mailbox in airplane mode, Delete, move etc messages?

IPAD 64Gig 3G, iOS 4
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    I am using an IPad with iOS 4.2.
    I receive my Email's via Exchange Active sync. When I change my IPad status to Airplane mode, I can only compose emails which will be saved in the "outbox" and be sent when I reconnect. My question is: Is there a way to manage my mailbox in offline/airplane mode, giving me the capability to delete, move etc. messages. Whereby the changes will reflect when I am online again.
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.

    Use of the iPad Mail should do all functions except send and receive mail even when not able to connect to the internet. I am able to use my iPad Mail without a wireless signal, no WiFi at all, to delete mail, clear the trash, move messages between folders. However, the iPad does pop up with a dialog box telling me it is unable to receive mail...which I already knew to be the case.

    You should be able to do the house cleaning chores as long as the messages you are working with have already been downloaded to the iPad.
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    We have the same problems, with iPhones and iPads. All iOS revs so far.

    Some of our execs are switching now to Windows Phone7 or others. Can't DELETE, or MOVE Exchange server emails when in Airplane mode - which is REALLY frustrating. (Additionally, little enhancements like showing a reply indicator by an email also making some users move).

    For business, need to see this offline mode improved ASAP!
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    Again, same problems here. Does not work with:
    Yahoo mail
    2 separate exchange accounts

    This is a HUGE issue and part of t he reason that the iPad has not and will not replace a laptop on flights. If I can't take flying time to clean out my mailbox...then it's not worth it.

    Please address this issue.

    I have 40 iPhones @ 10 iPads and am deploying more each month. Some users have switched back to winmo and laptop strictly for the Orlove features.
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    We were aware of this issue before with IOS and purchased Xoom's based on this requirement alone.
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    Agreed. We also use exchange and the inability to manage email offline reduces the value of the iPad.

    Coupled with the current problems regarding 3G connections (4.3.1 has not resolved these), it also makes it very difficult to manage email from trains too....

    Apple, please, improve the exchange client to handle offline changes. Even my lo-tech old Nokia phones could manage that.
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    I'm here to report back on the IMAP experiment. Let's just say DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. If you think Exchange support ***** you'll be even more frustrated with IMAP.
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    I agree this is a BIG issue, wasted time on a plane .... Please Apple sort this out, it really is a workflow " must"
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    I have switched one year ago to iPad and iPhone from Windows Mobile. For usability, the unability to delete emails (moving is not so important) when offline is frustrating. Especially since WM supported it.


    What is the correct procedure to suggest this as an Enhancement to Apple?

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    Does anyone know if this has been fixed or will be fixed in the new IOS?  I'm getting a new phone and was considering the Iphone, but my only frustration with the Ipad has been the issue of not being able to manage email offline.

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    I tested this with an iPad 2 running iOS 5 and it is no longer an issue.  My email is connected via Activesync to my corporate Exchange environment.  I was able to delete messages, create messages, move messages to another folder, and forward messages to another person.


    Like everyone else, this was a sore spot for using my iPad on the plane but I am happy to see iOS 5 has resolved it.