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I bought the VGA adapter, and was able to watch videos on a VGA projector - but I tried to watch a new video yesterday (I upgraded my OS to 4.2 this weekend) and got a msg saying the device I was connected to wasn't authorized to view protected content.

How in the world is it possible to authorize a projector? Is this a bug in the new OS, or was I viewing unprotected content up until now without realizing it?

All advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you tried to play a movie that you purchased/rented from iTunes.

    "Additional Information
    iTunes Store movies (SD and HD) and TV shows (HD) require an HDCP digital connection. If you attempt to play this content using the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, an alert will appear to let you know that an HDCP-compatible device is required. To view iTunes Store content, do one of the following:

    Sync the SD version of the TV show
    Use an Apple Component AV cable to play the HD version at 480p
    Use an Apple Composite AV cable to play the HD version at 480i
    Attempting to play rental content on a device that requires an HDCP digital connection may start the rental timer. Use one of the recommended Apple AV cables to view your rental before the time limit expires."

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    Ohhhhh! Thanks, now at least I understand.

    The video I'm having the problem with downloaded both an HD and SD version. Naturally the HD version is what syncs. Is there a way to get the SD version on the iPad?
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    If it is a iTunes movie you are trying to use with the projector via the VGA connect SD will not help since both HD and SD movies do not play on the iPad via VGA out.
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    Ahhh. Found a radio button on the main device page that allows me to prefer SD. It works like a charm. Thanks!!!
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    I couldn't show my movie rented from iTunes on my brand new macbook pro via my projector to my students. Found out it is impossible to do in HD. I called Apple and they politely refunded my $3.99 and I purchased that same movie on Amazon instant play videos for $3.00. No more iTunes for me!