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Hello! I've been tasked with delivering two sets of photos to a client. I have a folder of JPEG versions of the photos that are the "selects" or picks desired by the client. However, I also need to deliver the accompanying RAW photo files (.CR2 and .XMP). All of these files share the SAME file name except for the extension. All the the RAW photo files are in separate folders from the JPEGs.

My goal is to create an automation that will extract the file name of the jpeg, send it to the finder for a search, and copy the .CR2 and .XMP files into a destination folder.

The "Find Finder Items" action requires individual data to be typed in and doesn't seem to be a good fit for what I need. Please let me know if Automator is able to help me out with this, if there is another program better suited for this kind of automation, or if I just have to do it manually. The only other thing I can think to do is a well choreographed "Watch Me Do" lol!


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