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Ok, so I'm having problems with my brand new iPad 16GB Wifi bought on Black Friday. It was bought in the UK. Ever since getting it I've never had a single push notification from IM+ Pro or Twitter (the two apps I usually get push notifications from). However, if I sign into either of these two apps on my iPhone 4 the notifications work fine. This is obviously a big problem when it comes to IM+ Pro as I have to keep reopening the app to see if I have any message.

* I have tried a restore and set up as new device, this does not work.
* I am running 4.2.1.
* This is not a problem with push email, this works perfectly fine.
* Under Notifications in Settings everything is turned on.
* I have tried removing the apps and re-adding them.

Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. I would obviously prefer not to have to take this back and swap it for a refurb given that it is literally less than a week old.


iPad 16GB Wifi, iOS 4