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Luis Salvador Level 1 Level 1
First of all, I live in Brazil. So yes, I spilled juice over my MacBook, in the keyboard area, and sent to the local Apple Support Center imediatly. The MacBook was perfect, but it also wasn't turning on at all. So the guys called me back, the MacBook was wordking again, but when I tried to test the laptop, the keyboard was HORRIBLE. It was sticky, the space bar and other buttons were hard to press, and the worst: the guys said that they didnt even opened the keyboard area, so "they didnt do anything to my Mac".

Yes, I spilled juice over my keyboard and they didnt even opened the keyboard, they said they only needed to fix the motherboard. But now, some people are saying to me that there is no way that the juice would cause such damage, and the problem was when they were closing the MacBook, but THEY are saying that either was the juice or that the MacBook "was already like this before" (NO WAY!!!).

Anyway, what should I do? And really strange that they didnt EVEN CLEANED the laptop... Bugs will love it now, for sure!

HELP ME, I know I live in Brazil but the Apple Support SHOULD be the same anywhere!

MacBook Pro 13" 2009/2, Mac OS X (10.6.5)