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Andy Hewitt Level 1 (70 points)
This is an amendment to my previous post about Raw Fine Tuning problems. After a bit more testing I have found some more info on this. I have now managed to get the Raw Fine Tuning 'Apple - Camera Default' preset to stick, but it is tedious. I have deleted all .plist files relating to adjustments I could find, as have deleted the cache.db file. This improved the issue a bit, but not completely. What I have found now is a problem with batch resetting of adjustments, but only in the Raw Fine Tuning box.

If I select a project full of Raw images which I want to apply the new Apple settings too, I have been using 'Select All', then running 'Reprocess', then selecting Reset All Adjustments.

On the initial run, it seems to work, all adjustments have been reset, including Raw Fine Tuning. I can run through the images and readjust them to suit the new processor. That's all fine, and no problem so far.

I then quit Aperture, allow it to update the Previews, and then relaunch it. I go back to the images I just adjusted, and find that all of the Raw Fine Tuning settings have reverted to their previous state, except for the first image. If I click on each image, you can see Aperture is reprocessing the Preview, as the settings change in front of my eyes.

What I have found though, is if I go through each image and click on the 'Reset' icon in the Raw Fine Tuning brick, the Apple preset is selected, and will also stay set after a quit and relaunch. In fact using the 'Reset All Adjustments' on an individual image also works fine.

I'm not sure what part is at fault here, as it only affects the Raw Fine Tuning settings, but only when I try to reset them in a batch.

Any ideas (yes, I have repaired permissions, and rebuilt the Library).



MacBook 2.2, 4GB, 500GB., Mac OS X (10.6.5), Also have a Mac SE
  • Tony Gay Level 4 (1,630 points)
    Sounds like you may have the Primary only button selected, activating this means that when you make a selection any changes made are applied only to the presently highlighted image, not all of them.

  • Andy Hewitt Level 1 (70 points)
    Thanks Tony, but no, it's not that (I did check that too), as I say, it resets any other adjustments across the batch, and it seems to apply the Raw preset at the time of doing it, but when relaunching Aperture, only the Raw resets have reverted to their previous state, apart from the first image in a project.


  • Tony Gay Level 4 (1,630 points)
    Given that you have run the Ap first aid steps and deleted permissions, I would next consider a re-install of the application.

    Also consider running disk first aid on your system disk and external drives(?)

  • Andy Hewitt Level 1 (70 points)
    Hmmm, maybe worth a try, I did run a manual reinstall of the 3.1 update.

    I run disk permissions repairs and first aid regularly anyway.


  • sizzling badger Level 1 (95 points)
    I have 2 issues with the RAW adjustment brick...

    1) The Aperture default preset adjusts the noise reduction depending on the ISO of the camera. I can't create a custom preset that can do this.

    2) If I create a RAW preset and set it as the camera default it will not stick when I reset all adjustments on an image. It always returns to the Aperture preset.
  • Andy Hewitt Level 1 (70 points)

    I've had a response from Apple on this post, so hope they'll look into this one. I've sent them some more information anyway.

    On your point 1, I haven't been able to emulate the 'Auto' button in any of adjustments to store into a preset - something I'd like to be able to do though. It must be possible though, as the Apple preset 'Auto Enhance' does it.

    On point 2, this is similar to what I'm getting, but have done some more testing now, and I now think this is a bug in the 'Reset All Adjustments' function.

    I have noticed that if I want to, say, readjust a project full of Raw images, it makes sense to reset everything and start again, making use of the newest Raw processing. I simply use 'Select All' (command-A), and then use the 'Reprocess Masters' menu item. That works fine, and all Raws are processed using the new v3 software. Because I find V3 produces much better results using the Apple preset, I have deleted my old custom one, and set this to 'Apple - Camera Default'.

    Using the 'Reset All Adjustments' menu item on the selected images did indeed reset everything to default, and removed non-default adjustments. I then found that quitting and relaunching Aperture caused only the Raw Fine Tuning settings to revert to their previous state - but not on the 'key' image in the selection (the one with the bold box around it).

    But now I have found that using the 'Reset All Adjustments" in the adjustment pane also does not stick when applied to individual images. Again, this only effects the Raw Fine Tuning Settings.

    I can make the Raw Fine Tuning settings stick only by using the individual 'Reset' button on the brick, which sets it to the default preset, and that does stick after a relaunch.

    You can see that the preset did work at first, because when you select an image to view after the relaunch you can see it being reprocessed back to the old settings.

    I did initially try using Lift & Stamp to set the Raw Fine Tuning settings, which does work except for the De-noise adjustment, which seems to work randomly.