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As above, I am having trouble initiating Facetime calls even though I can receive them. I am using the latest software (4.2.1), have restored the phone and reactivated the iPhone and have reset all settings (General < Reset < Reset all settings). I have forwarded the ports specified by Apple for Facetime in my router and have UPnP enabled.

I should say that occasionally I can make a Facetime call successfully, but usually it rings indefinitely, or gets to the 'connecting' screen and then hangs indefinitely or disconnects after a while.

I only use Facetime to call my g/f and she has done the same steps to troubleshoot as me on the iPhone with the latest software/resets etc. (but I don't know anything about her router).

Is it possible I cannot make calls to her because of a problem on her side (even though she can make calls to me), or is it likely to be an issue with my connection?


iPhone 4, iOS 4