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my ipod touch is stuck at the connect to itunes screen. It won't turn off or on and i can't reset it. When i try to restore it i get the error message (2009) i have tried all of the suggestions will someone please help me!!!
  • lllaass Level 10 (172,000 points)
    - Have you tried placing the iPod n recovery mode and then restoring? See:
    Next would be to place it in DFU mode and restore. See:
    (this is for phone but works for iPod)
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    i tried both of those and neither worked... thanks for trying though i got a little farther than i had before
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    I have tried it all... nothing works... not even after I paid Apple Support. My iTouch worked just fine on my desktop and laptop. For some reason... have no idea why... the iTouch just decided to show me a USB cable with Connect to iTunes displaying.

    I have tried everything! Someone tell me something that is not already posted...
    1. reinstalled iTunes - Did that
    2. restarted after install - did that
    3. uninstalled in teh "Apple" specific order and reinstalled iTunes - did that
    4. Followed the 5 "R's" - Did that
    5. press and hold the buttons then plug into computer - did that
    6. plugin to a different USB port - did that
    7. wiped out computer and reinstalled Windows XP Pro and ONLY iTunes - did that (yes... I really did)
    8. called Apple Support who had me do everything except #7 - so... did everything again 3 times

    The only thing I have not tried yet is to hit the thing with a hammer to see if that helps. Kidding... but I am SOOOO frustrated.

    OH... I meant to mention... that I have 2 iTouches of the same generation... and guess what... they both do the same thing. Absolutly nothing right now. Please ... help with something other than what is not working
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    Im having the same problem I think.

    When I connect my touch, everything goes smoothly for a short time. The touch is recognized and starts to sync, but after a few minutes the macbook and touch both freeze. Then the "please connect to itunes" comes up on the touch and itunes tells me it has detected an ipod in recovery mode.

    If I unplug the touch when this happens and then just leave it for a few minutes, it goes blank and then when I power it on, its fine again. It just will not sync for more than a couple minutes.

    I've reinstalled and restarted numerous times and I've restored the touch to its original settings numerous times as well.

    That hammer idea is looking pretty tempting.....!!
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    I have a similar issue. My son forgot his passcode and the iPod Touch is locked. Our home PC that runs iTunes crashed right after. I have iTunes loaded on a new PC and it works will all other iPods but the one that is locked. I can't restore becasue iTunes will not recognize the iPod Touch becasue the passcode is locked. I can't uloack the passcode becasue it will not restore. This is the ultimate catch 22. Is there anyway to completely start from scratch? All the songs are on other iPods and my iTunes so I just don't want to throww $200 away because of a catch 22.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I've found a solution, at least for my problem.

    I had been restoring my touch back to original settings and it was not solving the problem. Now I've just restored to a backup of a few months ago and I have now synced all of my media, finally!

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks. I'll try this. I had similar problem after downloading new OS. 32 Gb Touch is currently sitting on desk with bar under the apple logo frozen at 3/4 point. Did a restore earlier via iTunes but froze up after syncing and restoring. Obviously a substantial gaffe in the new OS update. Getting really tired of constant upgrades and attendant agreements and restarts with iTunes. More and more glitches with basic Snow Leopard OS staples. Worried that they're spreading themselves thin with phones, pads and the like. Please reassure me that they're field testing these constant upgrades before they waste my time with upgrades! The genius bar is such a frenetic environment that I can only go in with so many things on my punch list!
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    This happened to me. What you can do is put the ipod into recovery mode and then you should be able to restore it to the original settings and sync it but all the songs will be lost
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    I have had the same problem. I found that I could not restore when I used ITunes 10, but it worked fine with ITunes 9. Fortunately, I have a machine that I have not upgraded to 10. If tried it several times - ITunes 10 will not do a restore. Once it is restore, 10 works more-or-less ok for syncing, although I have encountered some issues.