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my dad found an ipad about 20 days ago (wifi-3G). He didn't know what it was. Back from his trip, my sister bought a power cord to see if she could find information about the owner but the device looks blocked, deactivated, I don't know how to say it (I don't have the ipad in my hands, and English is not my first language .
I called the airport where it was lost, and I haven't heard back from them.
I called Apple, left the ipad serial number and reported the find, I haven't heard from them either yet (this happened today though).
My guess is that the owner thought it was lost (after 20 days) and wiped it off? Deactivated it? Or what else? I told my sister to leave it on. It just got a message that says: Welcome to roaming international... etc etc (what does it mean, other than it's in a different country? that it's working?)

Anyway, do you think there is a way to ever return the ipad to the legit owner?

For obvious reasons I am not going to post the serial number here
I only wish that when I called Apple, they would match the serial number with the owner and give me the contact. Think this will happen?
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