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Hi all,

I have an iPad Wifi running OS 3.2.2, and a Acer laptop running Windows Vista. I have owned both from new.

My problem is that when I connect the iPad to the laptop, it has stopped showing up in My Computer (in the last few days)

However it DOES show up in iTunes, and I can still transfer music and apps, sync and backup etc as normal.

In addition, when I connect the iPad, the computer gives its normal 'bong' sound to indicate that a device has been connected to a USB port, and the iPhone charges normally. So it IS connecting to the laptop, just not showing in My Computer.

I've rebooted the laptop and restored the iPad umpteen times but the problem is the same every time. This problem does not seem to affect my iPhone 4, it still shows up in My Computer and can be accessed by Windows.

I've searched the web extsensively, but can only find cases where the iPhone/iPod do not connect at all, which is not the problem I have.

I need to transfer photos from the iPad to the laptop.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Acer, Windows Vista