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I'm having some old home movie Hi8 tapes digitized by a local video shop and saved to DVD. I intend to import the digitized footage into iMovie to edit and create DVDs.

Any suggestions on what is the best format(s) I should have them convert to?


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    You can import from DVD following the instructions [here|http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2255575]

    However, you can preserve more of the original quality by having them convert the Hi8 to DV and then giving you a tape, or better yet, giving you the DV on an external hard drive. It does not have to be DV, but that is the format they are most likely to have.
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    One shop I talked to said they would convert to MPEG4 and save to a hard drive or flash drive.

    Would this be a good option?
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    From an editing standpoint DV would be preferable.

    However MPEG 4 would work. MPEG4 is really a playback codec, not an editing codec, because it is highly compressed. However, iMovie will edit it and if necessary, convert it to an editing codec.

    iMovie should be able to import MPEG4. If it is not standard MPEG4, you may need to install Perian from Perian.org. Try it to see if it works, but if it does not, keep Perian in mind.