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So I have a charging dock for my iPad which I plug a wall charger in the back of it. It has been fine for a long time, suddenly the charger seems to off stopped working. I have a extension plugged in which leads to my shelve I have two apple chargers plugged in, one for my iPhone and one for my ipad, I recently swooped them, the one plugged in the iPad now is the older charger which it has two parts, then the modern one which is basically just a plug is plugged in to my iPhone.

Do you think it could be to do with that? I changed the fuse also, it's not the iPad either because it charges fine when I plug the other lead in to the dock, and also the USB cable is fine as I have tried it with my iPhone. So I have put it down to the plug,

Any ideas? Thanks for reading.

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    The iPad charger is, to my knowledge, the only 10-watt charger in the Apple line. Worse, some of the lesser chargers look identical to the iPad charger. The chargers are labeled but the font size is maybe #6 and the font color is gray and some indicate power (watts) while others indicate current (amps). in my opinion, Apple really dropped the ball here.

    In any event, your iPad is probably being charged but slowly.
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    thanks for your response there, the charger doesn't charge the ipad at all, it doesn't display the charging icon, and when I plug it in to my iphone it doesn't charge that either, so it's as if the charger doesn't work at all?

    It's strange.
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    It certainly sounds like you have a bad charger. Apple sells replacement chargers through on-line and in the Apple stores. Other Apple retailers also carry the chargers.

    Since you have one that will not charge the iPad or the iPhone, would be a good idea to buy a new charger.