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Have just bought a new Nano Touch for my Grandson as a Christmas present. I am disappointed that the headphone jack is loose inside the socket resulting in the need to try to adjust the jack so that music is heard through both earplugs.
Anyone else with this problem ?

Dell Studio Desktop 540MT Intel Core 2 Duo, Windows Vista, iPod Nano Touch
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    Problem solved !
    Have read "posts" about radio reception and their problem was that the plug not pushed far enough into the socket.
    Now pushed jack in very firmly, it clicked, no silver stem can be seen and the contact is very firm and stable with good music playback.
    Maybe this will help another novice!
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    Totally helped me - I only had my headphones plugged in halfway at most for at least three weeks until I read this discussion.

    You really have to push the jack in firmly until it locks.

    Sound is 100 TIMES better!!

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    Totally helped me.

    i was about to return it. that would have been embarrasing to have someone just "click" it in place.