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Can any please help give me some insight how to fix my MacBook Pro Late 2009 model with Snow Leopard 10.6.5

Just in the past couple days my mac has been constantly stalling everytime I'm doing something. Like typing, clicking or moving around. It takes me a really long time to even type a message since it will stall for about 30+ secs when I'm typing. So you can just imagine how long this post is gonna take me to write...

I thought it was my hard drive going out, so I went ahead and bought a new HDD (WD 500gb). I formatted and did a fresh install of Snow Leopard, then did a Migration of my old hard drive.

Still I'm getting stalling every couple minutes or seconds. The beach ball just comes up and my screen will freeze for a bit. I have istats, and nothing pressing on my CPU or my HDD. I just dont know what to do and my warranty expired just last week on 11/21....

Any suggestions, hints or advice how to fix this problem will be really really appreciated!

MBP Late 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Create a new user account, log into it, and see whether the problem occurs in that account. If it does, you have either a hardware problem or a systemwide software glitch of some sort. If it doesn't, you have a software glitch in your own account, and you have migrated it from the old drive to the new one. Disable all third-party login items in your account and see whether the problem disappears. Post back with a progress report.
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    Well I went ahead and did everything from scratch, formatted the drive and installed SL fresh. Not doing a migration either I just want a fresh machine. But I'm still getting stalls even when it is fresh....
    Take note this is a new HDD as well.
    I also performed a hardware test and it reported everything was fine... help anyone?
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    If it clicks whilst it pauses, it could be the sudden motion sensor. I had to diable mine to stop this happening, also after a hard drive swap. Works fine now with it disabled, just don't drop it.

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    I had this problem when I upgraded to a new 500GB WD solved by changing to a new Hitachi 500GB instead.
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    The information posted here is worthless. My computer was fine until I ran diskwarrior the other day to degfrag it. Sorry for the typos but I'm not going to wait the five seconds every 15 seoncs it now pauses while I am typing. The computer now pauses, hangs and spins every five- to - ten seconds. There is no way we are the only people in the world that are having this problem. I'm not going togo buy a new hard drive, or reboot or change this or that, what is the real solution people? And Jubaide... did you ever get any help? Thanks.
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    That's right. I just remembered. I got an update for Airport the other day from Apple. Okay. NOW I KNOW WHY THIS IS SCREWED UP!!!! I installed the Airport upgrade!!!!!