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Can any please help give me some insight how to fix my MacBook Pro Late 2009 model with Snow Leopard 10.6.5

Just in the past couple days my mac has been constantly stalling everytime I'm doing something. Like typing, clicking or moving around. It takes me a really long time to even type a message since it will stall for about 30+ secs when I'm typing. So you can just imagine how long this post is gonna take me to write...

I thought it was my hard drive going out, so I went ahead and bought a new HDD (WD 500gb). I formatted and did a fresh install of Snow Leopard, then did a Migration of my old hard drive.

Still I'm getting stalling every couple minutes or seconds. The beach ball just comes up and my screen will freeze for a bit. I have istats, and nothing pressing on my CPU or my HDD. I just dont know what to do and my warranty expired just last week on 11/21....

Any suggestions, hints or advice how to fix this problem will be really really appreciated!

MBP Late 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.5)