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I just recently bought a new Ipod Touch 4th Generation. I noticed I have my Restriction Passcode set to ON. When I clicked on it and put in my Passcode lock, it said "Failed Passcode Attempt" I don't remember setting a restriction passcode so I am wondering if there is a default password setting for it since the Passcode lock is not the same as Restriction Passcode.

Also I noticed my ON/OFF button sometimes freezes. I've set my Itouch to Auto-Lock for a minute and it works fine. But when I manually auto lock it using the ON/OFF button it wont work most of the time. What am I doing wrong??!

Ipod Touch 4, iOS 4
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    I have the same isssue, is the passcode lock different than restriction passcode. Because I never setup my restriction passcode and now I cannot enter my restriction on/off menu. It keeps failing on all attempts. The regular passcode to unlock works fine. Any solutions out there to fix restrictions passcode without going thru entire system restore ?
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    my poor kid can't use her ipod til i can get some dang restrictions set and the passcode fopr the restrictions is just showing failed attempts!!! what to do ? somebody please help!
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    This may not help, but I was having difficulty setting a restriction passcode that was different from the passcode lock. I found the following on mobicip:

    You are right. It is not obvious as to how the restrictions passcode can be changed.

    1. On the device, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and enter the current passcode.

    2. Go ahead and select Disable Restrictions. Now press the home button to exit.

    3. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions and select Enable Restrictions.

    4. You will be asked to enter a passcode now. Go ahead and enter a new passcode and confirm it by entering it again.

    That is it. Your restrictions are now enable by the new passcode. Please make sure to remember the passcode as resetting a forgotten passcode can be a painful process.
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    I lost my iPod around late December early January and it's February 2nd and I just found it.
    It keeps on saying 'iPod is disabled connect to itunes' but itunes wont load my iPod because my iPod wont let me plug in my passcode. I need some serious help with this
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    Place the iPod in recovery mode and then restore it. See the following for recovery mode:
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    Try Passcode "0000" its defult for almost any passcode!