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I recently installed version of iTunes. When I ran it, none of my library was present. I then used File/Add Folder to Library, which succeeding in finding my music. However, all of my playlists, ratings, devices, etc. are gone. I think the problem is that iTunes created new iTunes library and preference documents and is ignoring the previous iTunes library file, which still exists in a folder called "Previous iTunes Libraries". How can I force iTunes to use my most recent library from November before the software upgrade?

I'm afraid to connect my iPod for a synch, because I don't want to lose the playlists and such, which still exist there. Or will synching my iPod restore all of the info to my laptop?

A complicating factor is that my laptop syncs to my office fileserver, and most of my music library is under a Windows "redirected" folder [\\server\RedirectedFolders\user\My Documents\My Music\iTunes] and some are under the more typical [C:\Documents and Settings\ExecDir\My Documents\My Music\iTunes]. Consequently, I had to go into Edit/Preferences/Advanced to change the iTunes media folder location.

Dell Precision M65, Windows XP Pro
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    I figured out a solution to my own problem: I copied the archived "iTunes Library.itl" from the "Previous iTunes Libraries" folder into the main iTunes folder, changed the name of the new library file that had been created when I reinstalled iTunes so that iTunes would no longer find it (but I kept it just in case), and renamed the old archived version by removing the date, which iTunes had added to the filename when it archived it. All of my playlists and rating info are back!
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    See my own response to my question for the solution.
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    Glad you found it! That solution has been posted many, many times here on AD.
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    What a relief! I have now recovered the thousands of items in my collection (I am using iTunes and an iPod Classic to save and categorise music on 600 CDs and 300 LPs!). However, I had many playlists (one for each classical composer or pop entertainer) and I am not looking forward to having to enter them all again. Can anyone advise where I can find the originals ?
    I think my problem may have arisen because I have the original default user (owner) and another user who is real-life me. After I had merged the two collections, I realised that each one could have been in a separate My Music folder and the iTunes update got confused between them.
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    I wish I could say the same as I've tried what you've said and I can get my list from back in November, but my latest happened to be saved as the empty list or something cause the latest one has no change. And the sad thing is that I made a major change in my list just last month and all that work I can't find.
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    You have my sympathy, Matticus77! I never did find my Playlists. In the end, i had to enter them all over again by hand. After all the grinding of teeth involved, I am wondering if i should visit my dentist and if so, should I send the bill to Apple (:-^). Perhaps I should just write a derisory song and post it on iTunes!
    Seriously, though, it would appear that this problem can be traced back to the latest iTunes update and I am surprised that there has not been a specific response from Apple. So far as I am aware, all they have done is advise on where the actual database items are (the songs), with nothing about the metadata (the pointers to those items listed in the playlists). I have not had exposure to Apple for many years (Apple II, would you believe!), but I have always sustained the belief that they were a really serious company with regard to the welfare of their consumer clients (in contrast to Microsoft) but now I am not so sure.