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I'm not sure if this is posted in the correct section because it is about the iPhone 4 and the iPad, but I thought it would be OK in this section.

I live in the UK and have an iPhone 4 (on contract/pay monthly) on the O2 network and I'm thinking of getting an iPad.

Basically I am wanting to know if any O2 customers with an iPhone 4 and an iPad have had success, or have not had success in using their simcard out of their iPhone 4 in their iPad.

Now I've read conflicting stories on the net where some people say it works and also some people who say it does not. The general picture (from the people who say it works) seems to be that you need to note down the APN settings in the iPhone 4's settings/general/network/cellular data section, and then use these in the same section on the iPad.

Windows Vista, iPhone 4 16 GB
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    Here is what Apple has on the FAQ section of the Apple Store UK Page.

    Apple wrote:
    Can I use my current iPhone SIM card in my iPad?
    The iPhone 3GS SIM card will not fit into your iPad. The iPhone 4 micro-SIM card will fit into your iPad, but in general, data plans for iPhone are separate from iPad data plans. You may be able to to add an iPad data plan to your existing iPhone plan. Check with your carrier for details.
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    Thanks Dr for the help. I had seen that article when I was looking around on the net.

    I was reading conflicting stories where some said it was possible to use an iPhone 4 sim in the iPad and some people said it was not.

    A lot of the people said that it does work if the APN settings are noted down off of the iPhone 4 before you remove the sim card, and then using these settings in the relevant section of the iPad.

    I basically wanted to know if anyone in the UK on O2 and who has an iPhone 4, has been able to use their iPhone 4 simcard in their iPad.