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I've read several topics over this issue, and I still haven't come to a solution.
I have an iPhone 3G. The screen remains blank. It doesn't turn on at all, nor charge. Not a battery logo or anything. The phone just stays...off. It isn't recognized by iTunes either.

I've tried removing the sim card and inserting it back in, holding down home and inserting the usb cable, but it's not recognized by iTunes or my computer in general. I've tried holding down home and the power button for up too a minute.

This is getting very frustrating. If anyone has any suggestions, please post away.

HP, Windows 7
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    Press the Home button and the Top button until the phone makes a power down sign - hopefully you will get a red slider at some point but maybe not. The Apple logo should appear at some point and the phone will reboot - if there is any battery charge left.

    Maybe put it on mains charge for an hour or so before trying .... not on a USB port of a computer.