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I've noticed a behavior twice recently that I can't seem to trace. Background: Big Aperture library on its own internal drive, gets re-copied to new drive every month or so. 439,591 images. Probably about 350-400 GB on a 500GB drive.

  • Last night, I was importing by reference 956 images from two separate cards (537 and 419 images) simultaneously (one FW400 Lexar reader, one USB SanDisk reader). — something I do often

  • The import was very slow. Seemed like it was hung up, but I remained patient. Eventually it finished.

  • The project now has 956 images, with 137/537 managed and 310/419 managed, even though the import was set up to be referenced.

  • The directory where they were supposed to be stored has 920 items.

  • Drilling down into the Aperture library contents shows Two directories in Masters for that date, one with 137, one with 310.

  • This tells me that in the process of the import, Aperture managed to turn 956 files into 1367 total, between the three places, and create a confusing problem that I have to work out manually.

  • Looking back in the masters section, I see that it appears to have possibly happened a few other times.

    Has anybody else observed this behavior? Anybody know how to solve it? Aperture has been making me nervous lately.

    I should add that I've already tried repair permissions and repair database. I'm a little nervous about the rebuild database option.

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