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It seems like the only pages Safari will load are the ones bookmarked by default. Also, a lot of apps don't load. Apps like Skype, ebuddy, and Youtube won't load completely. The wifi connection is reliable so that doesn't seem to be the problem. It usually stalls on most apps and has the loading circle in the middle of the screen. I had the 4.1 update installed the day I got it (the problem with loading apps and using Skype correctly were still happening), I updated to 4.2 and the problems still seem to be happening. The modem/router that is being used for the iPod is in the same room it's being used in. Does it possibly have a bad wifi antenna? Does anyone have any real idea of what's causing it? Thanks all

Built it myself, Windows Vista
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    Do you have another wifi router you can connect to in order to rule out a problem with the combination of your router and your iPod?
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    I don't. But now that I think about it I know it's most likely not the antenna. Because I can load certain webpages without a problem and very quickly. i.e. Apple.com, ESPN.com. Just certain apps seem to disconnect and will take a while to reconnect. I've reset the router, completely shut the iPod off, tried a couple different WEP keys but it just seem to disconnect or messages are sent with a large delay (when using Skype for example). Is it just buggy software? Or maybe a hardware defect?
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    Since you are using WEP the router may be old and may be the problem. Apple recommends the use of one of the WPA security modes vice the old WEP. I would try changing your router to use WPA or WPA2. Also see:
    (iPhone and iPod touch: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections)