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In iTunes when I click on my iPhone under DEVICE(S) and then click on the Apps button, the entire pane is greyed out and 'frozen' except for the Sync Apps checkbox.

I have read and tried all (I think) remedies in the posts, but nothing 'unfreezes' the pane. In 'Settings/Restrictions' I've turned 'Installing Apps' on and off, but it's makes no difference to the greyed out pane.

I came across the problem when I downloaded a few iPhone apps to iTunes and then found that I couldn't transfer them to my iPhone.

The only help I've got from Apple support is to tell me to delete the apps from iTunes and download them directly to my iPhone. A great lot of help!

Having spent hours trying to resolve this, if anyone can suggest something new I'd be delighted...Cheers

PC - iPhone3GS, iTunes latest version - IOS4.1