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In iTunes when I click on my iPhone under DEVICE(S) and then click on the Apps button, the entire pane is greyed out and 'frozen' except for the Sync Apps checkbox.

I have read and tried all (I think) remedies in the posts, but nothing 'unfreezes' the pane. In 'Settings/Restrictions' I've turned 'Installing Apps' on and off, but it's makes no difference to the greyed out pane.

I came across the problem when I downloaded a few iPhone apps to iTunes and then found that I couldn't transfer them to my iPhone.

The only help I've got from Apple support is to tell me to delete the apps from iTunes and download them directly to my iPhone. A great lot of help!

Having spent hours trying to resolve this, if anyone can suggest something new I'd be delighted...Cheers

PC - iPhone3GS, iTunes latest version - IOS4.1
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    I have exactly the same problem i wonder if it has anything to do with the recent software updates. I updated my phone and itunes on the same day. i have also tried installing itunes on a new computer and connect the iphone4 to it and have the same problem, This could mean it has to do with the phone update maybe.
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    kenjo i just managed to solve this issue some what i restored my iphone4 and when it asks to restore from backup or as new iphone select new iphone, When you select your device after this you can the resync the apps like before. you will need to re sync all your information too. The backup must contain the fault so don't use it

    good luck
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    Greyed out Apps can mean that when you last used it, it was waiting for something, typically a password for your account. For whatever reason (bug possibly) , exiting the App and leaving the prompt box unanswered hangs the App as when it starts again, the prompt box is there but you can't access it.

    A power down and back up again is normally enough to clear it.
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    same problem here and the only way that I have done that works is updating itunes and then the next day it was greyed out again
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    I had the same problem apple help desk was no help at all I came across this app called iphone tips and it's great, after you have x amount of apps your phone won't hold anymore if you move your apps into one box and name them ie. games, travel, weather ext. you can get 9 apps in one box so it frees lots of space, hope this helps.
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    Nice catch. I had the problem, restored as you suggest. Problem solved. Thnx.