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Looking to go server in my wife's dental office. We use MacPractice DDS and love the software. It can run in a pier to pier arrangement, but the developer keeps pushing us to go server. The problem is that the company rep wants me to drop some serious money on a MacPro server setup. I was looking for feedback from people using the mini server in an office environment, specifically running practice management types of software. If someone is a healthcare professional running MacPractice dds, md, od, etc, I would really like to hear from you guys on how the mini server is working for you. For all you Apple server gurus out there some information on what kind of files our office handles. MacPractice is a sql based product. The database file also contains large amounts of attachments such as jpgs from digital x-rays and interoral camera photography. We also have extensive amounts of pdfs that are associated with patient records. Currently we have 7 macs running the software in pier to pier configuration. Ultimately when all ops are outfitted we will have 12 mac workstations and this is why MacPractice is pushing a dedicated server environment.

Any input is appreciated.

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    Hi Jedicpa,

    I have the exact same quandary myself. My wife's practice is quite small and we only have two iMacs right now. The reception iMac is working as the MacPractice server and never really seems that taxed. We're looking at outfitting the second operatory and I was considering moving to a Mac Mini for a server too.

    Right now, the software seems to be very responsive, with the exception of loading x-rays. We usually have 4 BWs and 2 PAs per x-ray layout, and it takes a good 20 seconds for the images to load from the reception computer. It's not unusable, and I can't see it getting worse with a dedicated Mac Mini doing the server end.

    I'm curious if you made a choice one way or the other on this decision?

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    My office is considering the move to MacPractice. Is your wife still using the software and if so how does she like it?
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    This is late but our office found Mac Minis to be too slow.  The software is great and we have used Mac Pro towers and recently iMacs running @ 3.2 MHz. It does fine but we are going back to Mac Pro Towers because they process digital RG faster.

    We are using one iMac server with 11 workstations.