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I just upgraded my 3rd gen iPod touch to the 4 th gen because I wanted the camera feature. I am very disappointed with the battery life on my brand new iPod touch 4g. It would be completely drained by 3 p after a full nights charge with minimal use. I contacted apple tech support and after every trouble shooting method imaginable, they finally said I had a faulty unit so they swapped it out for me yesterday at the apple store. I came home, reinstalled everything again and let it fully charge for over 16 hours. Today, same problem. Battery was down to 50% after 4 hours of no use. I don't get how apple can claim music playback of 20+hours when the unit dies on standby mode after just 6hours. Any suggestions?

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    When it comes to iPods, and their lack of open-source, there isn't much you can do to improve battery life.

    I'm not sure if the 4G supports multi-tasking, but if it does, make sure too fully quit any running applications if you're not using them.
    Here are some other obvious tips: Decrease the brightness of the screen, turn off wifi, turn off sounds, etc.
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    Well it's good they replaced the unit for you.
    I have a somewhat related question.

    Can you keep your ipod touch 4th generation if you take it to an Apple Store to have the battery replaced?