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I know this has probably already been posted a few times but the search function ***** so all i found was how to redeem my card and i'm not stupid
so I got an iTune gift card from a friend for my birthday, i tried to redeem it but iTunes says the Code is not recognized as valid code. Since it was a gift i don't have the reciept so i can't let go back to the store where my friend bought it.
Yes the gift card is from the right country.
No my friend didn't steal it.
Yes i have tried out combinations with letters that look alike
I searched online help, with some websites saying that i can write apple a note from the support website with some codes/numbers from the back of the card for help, but there is no way to contact Apple over the internet.
I really really need/want the 15 bucks from my card so please help

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)