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I currently have my Apple TV connected to my Denon AV receiver via HDMI which then outputs 5.1 audio and video to the TV.

My hope is to also stream my lossless iTunes music library to Apple TV (from my Mac Mini) which would take the audio from the ATV's optical out to my Peachtree Nova DAC, also connected to my AV receiver.

Is this possible? Or would the HDMI out from the ATV supersede the ATV's optical audio out?

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    no the HDMI does not supersede the ATV's optical out, i do it with my ATV.
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    Welcome to the Apple Communities.

    As your receiver seems to have digital capabilities and is already connected to the Apple tv, I'm not sure why you would want to use another device before the receiver.
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    I have a similar question but different set up. I just got my AppleTV last night so I am just starting to play around with it. I plan to use it for two different functions if possible. 1) HDMI directly to my TV to watch TV shows purchased from iTunes, push photos and content from my iPhone, and intermittently show YouTube videos. 2) I plan to connect it via Optical Cable to my receiver to play streamed music to wired speakers throughout my house and in this situation just stream music from my iMac to the AppleTV in the old school Airtunes manner that I control either via the iMac or Remote App on my iPhone4 but still be able to have the TV on to watch other content not coming though my AppleTV. That will all work right?
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    i also have a similar issue. my AV receiver (Bose) does not have HDMI so i am connecting the Apple TV HDMI direclty to my TV. However, the TV does not process Dolby Digital through HDMI so i want to use the optical to connect the audio from the apple tv to the bose reciever and have 5.1 audio. Is this possible?
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    I got the apple tv2 mainly to watch purchased and ripped video on the big telly and to play music from the itunes through my stereo (Arcam Solo). Apple TV2 only outputs in HDMI which goes into the telly and optical out. In order to get the optical out into the stereo i needed to purchase a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) which then has standard left and right line-level outputs. I got a Muical Fidelity V-DAC and the quality of the music output is amazing. Lossless files have depth and clariity that I only heard before when playing the CD directly and even music purchased through iTunes sounds fantastic. By adding a seperate purchased DAC iTunes has never sounded so good.
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    I'm very interested in Peachtree Audio products in combination with Apple products and would love to know if you've been successful with combining you Peachtree DAC with the Apple TV.

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    Hey guys, I know this is an old thread but...


    Try running your ATV to both sources. In my setup I have it running to a Yamaha Rx - V373 via HDMI for movies and tv. I also have the optical output from the ATV running to a Rotel preamplifier, which is connected to a pair of speakers that are great for music.


    If I don't want the music to come out of the 5.1 receiver, I simple turn of the 5.1 receiver. Same way for movies, I will turn off the Rotel amp so the sound only comes out of the receiver.


    By doing this you will take advantage of whichever component you need when you need it, reaping the advantages that it provides.


    And Peachtree stuff is highly thought of in many audio circles. Very affordable for what it can provide. Can sometimes be found a little cheaters in eBay so try their first.