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I recently got iMovie '11 and its kinda buggy. One problem is when you try to publish a long (above 1 min.) the audio periodically skips forward in the video, but when you play it directly from imovie there is no problem. is there a way to fix this or get around it, because it is super annoying.

macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    What kind of music are you using? I have just finished a compilation of 23 student films, each with their own music track, all sorts of variables, and it worked just fine.
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    I have not seen this, but I have seen other posts with audio trouble. Any details that you could provide might help us spot a pattern.

    For example:
    video codec?
    audio codecs?
    fast or slow motion used?
    PIP or Cutaway used?
    Rubber banding on audio used?
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    Export it to a file and check it


    Does it cut out then?

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    I have been having the same problem. I have been using a PC for the past 5 years and using Pinnacle Studios, I had a Mac before using the PC but never owned one , I finally bought one during Thanks giving and started working on my next video on iMovie. Everything runs great but when you play back the video on imovie without moving the mouse or pausing it , some areas of the video itself, NOT THE SONG, will be cut off but when i put the mouse over the clip that has sound its there!!! What i finally did was import the video to my pc find every clip that had missing sound and put the sound in one by one. and all videos are the same file! if you want to see the that had missing audio here it is:


    heres the video after i fixed everything:


    let me know what u guys think! please!
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    This issue is driving me crazy. I never experienced it with previous versions. To work around it I have to detatch the audio. I have reported it to the various one on one instructors and they swear they have not experienced this problem, but I have on two MACS and also my friend has on her MAC. Hope this gets fixed soon.