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I noticed at the weekend that my iPhone 4 was having trouble with voice calls. Incoming calls would sometimes hang up when I answered them, outgoing calls would take a very long time to connect (or freeze), and when I did get through to someone the call quality was extremely low (lots of stuttering and cutting out).

After trying just about everything recommended on various help pages (including reseating the sim card, refreshing the network settings, and restoring the phone), I still could not get it to work properly. I then tried turning off the 3G and, lo and behold, the phone worked absolutely fine! Voice calls were clearer than ever!

I contacted Tesco Mobile hoping they might be able to shed some light. They said there are no faults with the network and have arranged for me to return my phone. That could take up to 10 days though, which I can't really afford.

Does anyone know what the problem is here? Does the fact that it works fine with 3G disabled suggest that it is not a hardware problem?

iPhone 4, iOS 4, Tesco Mobile (O2)
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    I've been having a very similar issue that just started last night. I keep dropping calls and when I try to call out nothing happens at all. I cannot browse Safari through 3G either. It keeps coming and going. I was able to finally place a call out and then tried making another call later and it wouldn't work again. I tried the restore as well and nothing works!

    I do not know if I should contact AT&T or Apple for the issue. I do have the extended warranty that I purchased with the phone but about a week after I got the iPhone 4 I had to have it replaced for issues I am not even sure that they would replace it again. I do not have a home phone I rely solely on my cell so I cannot wait to have it fixed or replaced but I am not going to keep a phone that doesn't work especially after paying so much for it!
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    I started having call issues since yesterday on my iPhone 3G in Philadelphia.
    Call would take forever to connect, some times it doesn't even connect. Voice quality is very low. I have iOS 4.2.1 on the iPhone 3G.