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I have a Waiting app on my ipad that I can’t delete no matter what I do. I have read 100’s of posts on many websites and they all say the same thing. Before you say hard reset will fix it, don’t say that, I have Hard Reset it about 15 times with no luck. Additionally I have tried
• Deleting the app. But I can't click on it.
• Turning the iPad off then on
• Hard re-setting the iPad.
• Syncing it with iTunes.
• Repurchasing the application in iTunes (App downloads, syncs to the iPad but never shows up).
• Deleting the app from the iTunes Apps tab.
• Re-adding the app from the iTunes App tab.
• Hard resetting the IPad while connected to iTunes
• Updating iTunes to 10
• Restoring from backup

No matter what I seem to do I can’t get rid of the App. I did start downloading it via wifi 780mb (I now realise that it can’t be bigger then 20mb)

If anyone has another idea please let me know


imac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)