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I bought am Itunes gift card to use on my computer. I have gotten two others in the past, and it worked fine. The one I have now wont though. It says that it was not registered, even though i saw the guy at the store swipe it and activate it. Why wont this work? It is gonna make me late on a school project. I need to download a certain song. WHATS GOING ON!?!?!?

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  • Katrina S. Level 7 (24,095 points)
    Either email iTunes support at the bottom of this page, or ask the guy at the store if a mistake was made?

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    Have you gotten this fixed?? The exact same thing happened to me so I took the cards back and got two more and it happened again. I have emailed support but no reply yet - I really need to download some stuff for a party tonight. Thanks
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    hey i just got a 15$ itunes gift card for the holidays from my family and they got it at target. they got 3 of the cards, 2 of them worked fine and i was able to redeem them on itunes, but the 3rd one wouldn't redeem. it says that the card wasn't activated and to return to the point of sale for assistance. so i went to target and it turns out there is something wrong internally at target with their systems because it is scanning the cards incorrectly and activating the wrong card numbers. meaning the card that i actually got and that was bought does not match the activated card number on the target receipt. i went to exchange the card at target that i couldnt redeem and after about an hour of trying to problem solve it there, they exchanged it kindly. but heres where it gets good, the same thing happened again, i walked out the store with the new card, checked the receipt to match it up with the card i had in my hand, and the numbers were not matching up with the card. so theyre checking it out now and gonna get back to me, in the mean time, no pre-paid 15bucks to my account. hopefully target can fix the glitch.

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